Just a quick post of an outfit I wore last night to do some late night shopping. Literally threw it on.
Feel like I'm channeling Kourtney K with the bun and blouse under a knit look.
So so so in love with my new necklace from Lovisa.

Blouse - Unknown/ Knit - Free Fusion @ Target (old)/ Pants/Leggings - Glassons/ Necklace - Lovisa
Loafers - Sportsgirl

Still in a bit of a blogging funk but I am trying. 

HAS ANYONE ELSE STARTED BUYING SUMMER CLOTHES? I'm terrible, I cant stop thinking about shorts and singlets and sandals!!!

I am so so so excited for new seaon at work...probably why I cant stop thinking about summer fashion. Finally clearance is just about finished and we can make the store pretty again. YAY. Haha. 

I am LOVING being healthy and exercising more. I just feel happier a lot of the time :DDD (who would have thought haha). I can be a bit of a cranky pants - read: permanent case of bitch face. I know. I sound like a tonne of fun :| I blame the 1.5 hour commute to work every day. Ha. So this is a good improvement! ^_^ Oh Oh Oh and the pimples all over my forehead are GOOOONEEEE YAYAYAYAYAYAY.

Hope everyone is well and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. You always look perfectly put together. I can't wait for summer either! Winter really doesn't float my boat (unless I'm rugged up in PJs in a warm bed)! X

    1. Thank you Sonya! Haha I always look forward to winter fashion but once it gets here I just want summer back. Ridiculous hahaha x

  2. Gorgeous outfit. I also picked up that necklace. Youve given me an idea how to style it now. I have been slack on the exercise front. Ive been using work stress as an excuse. I need to stop that and go cause I know Ill feel better for it.

    1. Thank you! It is such a lovely statement necklace. I'm a firm believer that exercise reduces stress so I'm sure you would feel better for it. Work stress is awful. I hope you're ok! X

  3. you look adorable, I love a collared shirt under a knit. that spike necklace is amazing! I just got a similar one from colette.

    that's fantastic that you're feeling better!! xx

  4. wish i looked that good just throwing something on! Bring on summer

  5. jeez 1.5 hour commute to work! and i thought my 50 minute drive was horrible.

    you are looking very cute in your outfit! especially the 2nd photo, your hair looks really nice pulled back :)

  6. I have definitely started buying Summer clothes. A bit silly as we're likely to be away in Israel all Summer when it is Winter there...but I just can't help myself with all these gorgeous colours!


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