So J and I went to the filming of Gruen Planet last night, and totally randomly ran into Michaela from Where Is My Mind? 

I have never actually met a blog/instagram/twitter/interwebs person in real life so it was seriously CRAY CRAY but also the coolest thing ever! She was so lovely and friendly! I cant even imagine what it would be like to meet other fellow bloggers - hearing them speak and seeing them move? Hahaha its so weird! The internet is such a crazy thing, but so cool.

Anyway I'm rambling like a freak.

It was so nice meeting you Michaela! :D


OOOH P.S - I bought the Wang :))) YAY



Once again we're dealing with the big issues here on TeacupG.

To Wang, or MBMJ?

I want to buy myself a little present to begin this crazy time in my life.
But I dont know what to choose.

Ive narrowed it down to this:


Why I want it: 
I dont own any Wang. It's perfect for nights out/casual drinks/times when I dont want to take my hand bag


Why I want this one:
I like the way it opens right up and the placing of the card slots.

Also that it's a tad cheaper.

Ahhhhh what to do. Which one do you like?




I got some fun new Vans.

Nordstrom anorak - Agent 99 muscle tee - Subtitled catwoman pants - Vans

Which I wore to the French Markets on Saturday with my mum and grandma before driving to Sydney to paaaaaaartay. 

Yay car selfies.

I'm still loving this Sportsgirl necklace. I have some new purchases I must share.

In other news I might be moving to Sydney as soon as the 22nd of this month. Freaking. Out.

Hope you are all well 



On Thursday, I did the 'cliche' break up thing and got a hair cut. 

Hello fringe. (my instagram followers have seen all this, sorrrrryyy)
I'm actually hating the length and cant wait for it to grow about a cm. I feel like its a bit awkward at the moment. Also taking a bit of getting used to!

I bought some fakey Marants from Sportsgirl because I've been wanting some for about 200000000 years and I will never be able to afford the real ones in these current hard times. Ha. They are amazing and I love them and I'm trying to ignore my guilt about them being fake.

I paired them with my ever faithful Subtitled Catwoman leather pants and Nordstrom Anorak.
Also new silver tank from Sportsgirl.

And off I headed to the baby shower of my old manager. (First ever baby shower! I guess its getting to that time in life haha)

Today I took J out to lunch for his birthday, it was really good. I'm glad things arent bitter.
I have also been enjoying the sunshine a little too much - hello burnt legs. Woops.

MY OTHER NEWS (which instgram and twitter followers would know)
Is that I am in the process of hopefully moving out. I have a friend who needs 2 room mates in Neutral Bay, and so I'm applying for a room. I got a little excited and announced it to the world last week before realising I actually have to be approved. Hopefully it'll be ok... but seeing as I only work part time I'm a tad worried. I really need this though - it's what Ive wanted for so long!