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So this is a horribly belated post. Better late than never right.....?! I took Jerejizzle to Chinadoll for his birthday about 3 weeks ago. We also tried Uber for the first time that night too. 

I tried to surprise him by not telling him where we were going, but idiotically slipped up at his family dinner when they asked where I was taking him. I suck at surprises. He didn't care though... Men, eh? Easy to please! 

ANYWHO. I thought I'd give Uber a crack. It was surprisingly easy to organise, and our drivers both there and back were really friendly. I wouldn't say it's any cheaper than a taxi though. Sorry 'bout it Uber. I did prefer it because the drivers were more pleasant. And there's no cash or card needed, hello convinience. Cashless all the way I say!

When we arrived at Chinadoll we were seated inside (as requested) and after some menu perusal we decided on the banquet ($59 PP). I thought it might not be enough, but holy cow was I wrong. I. Was. Stuffed. Definitely recommend the banquet! We also ordered dumplings, however they forgot them so we ended up getting them for free! Can never go wrong with a free dumpling. 

Steamed scallop

Pork Belly with Chili Caramel

Dessert! Black rice and sago puddings (yum!!!)

It was wonderful service, with friendly staff and a really nice atmosphere. Will definitely be visiting again!

China Doll
Cowper Wharf Rd

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