I think I've realised everyone has their 'thing'. Like make up, or skin care, or wanting to have a giant collection of nike sneakers. Mine is definitely hair. And more specifically, how to get it as thick and luscious as possible. My hair is fine, but there's lots of it. I have volume at the roots but it gets thin and brittle towards the ends. Which is shit for me, BUT makes my hair perfect for extensions.

After 2 lots of Great Lengths hair extensions I thought I'd never go back to clip ins. I wore them for 4 years before Great Lengths. But I definitely need a break from bonded extensions, and given clip ins are a third (or less) of the price, it's much more economical. And I'm actually enjoying my real hair now because it's finally all one length! 

After searching around on the internet, I came across Aussie company Zala, who do triple wefted remy hair extensions of different weights, and ombré colours as well! I snapped up a set of 220g (SO MUCH HAIR), in a subtle ombré shade. 

I was worried about blending them in my new shorter 'do, but after watching a really helpful YouTube vid, I gave it a go and had no problems! You get so many tracks in the set that I didn't even need them all to make it blend.

The helpful tutorial:

So good.


(This was not sponsored!) 



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  2. Anyway, my hair is not attached with glue, it is attached to my own hair strands by beads that clamp on. Every six weeks I have to get the beads "moved up" closer to my scalp as my own hair grows. I wonder if salt water would be damaging. I am going on vacation to the USVI and hate to stay out of the water the whole time! Maybe it would be ok if I applied good conditioner prior to swimming and then rinse right away? By the way if someone is curious I bought my hair extensions online from this guys here - http://www.keshhair.com/#!our-hair/c1b5i . Please share any thoughts.


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