Christmas P2

Target maxi

This is what I wore on xmas day, it was actually a gift from J.

2 of my chrissy presents from my parents. Turquoise bracelet with cross charm + woven bracelet with peace sign.

J also got me a $100 Sportsgirl gift voucher (SO excited about this, haha) and my lovely uncle is giving me $500 to take to America when J and I go in April!

So sad chrissy is over already, I wish it was a week long celebration!
I have been left with ridiculous amounts of chocolate to eat. Eek.

Going to have to up the exercise I think!


Christmas P1

Merry Christmas!
Hope everyone had a lovely, relaxing day with lots of eating and merry times!

Random leopard print drapey top from Foxx Foe, Supre tie-waist skirt, SG wallet/clutch, assorted rings/cuffs/bracelets, Zomp flats

This is what I wore out on Christmas Eve to the local 'night spot'. Everyone heads there on xmas eve. I mean EVERYONE. It's silly. But also awesome because you see people you havent seen in ages.

Target dress, Wittner heels, Rubi cuff

This is what I wore to christmas dinner with some friends at J's house last Wednesday night.
He made chicken caesar salad and we drank lots of wine. (J and I have recently discovered how nice drinking wine is like a civilised person, as opposed to binge drinking Passion Pop aha. I think I'm growing up?)

I was a tad over dressed for the occasion but I figured, its the festive season and I feel like dressing up!

Christmas Part 2 coming soon :)



Target maxi knotted at knee, Alive Girl top, Zomp sandals, Guess mens watch, Temt bangle

I wore this on J and I's weekly grocery shopping adventure last Thursday night. (We dont live together but because we both absolutely love grocery shopping we've gone to get his groceries together ever since we started dating! haha we're a bit of an odd pair.)

Yesss 3 days til xmas. Super excited. And not even for the presents, but for food and good times with the people I love. And 3 days off work, thank goodness. Working in retail is definitely draining at this time of year!

Still haven't finished my shopping either. Woops.

And also, a big thank you to Nikki of Flair to Remember for the box of Ferrero Rochers too :)
Definitely made my Monday 100% better!


Life Lately

Hello! I know its been a while, so sorry!
I have been...

Making Ginger Bread houses (from scratch!)
I even cut out all the bits myself without measuring them properly and it still kinda worked. Haha.

...Going out with friends :) (my head looks really odd here)

...Relaxing with J. Thats the view from his house. Best spot for hammock. Ever. The ocean looks really far away in the photo too, it's actually quite a bit closer.

and shopping. Haha. Got this dress from Cotton On, it was only $20. Score.
Lack of blogging lately has been because I've been working 10 hour days and when I DID try to upload photos my camera died!

J's housemate had his friend from Amsterdam and 2 random German girls staying with them (met them on that couch surfing website, which is pretty cool) all weekend so it was pretty fun to meet some new people. The girls were very quiet and a bit shy which made it hard but I think they had a good time here? Haha.

I cant believe xmas is only like 10 days away. Wow.

We still have zero idea what to do for NYE and it's stressing me out a bit. What has everyone else got planned? Do tell! I want to go to a party but I dont think I'd mind just chilling, making some crazy cocktails and relaxing. I've started making a list of things I want to achieve next year, from big things, to stupid little things like getting an iphone. HAAAAA. Ridiculous I know but I really want one... :P

I ended up speaking to my manager about jobs, management etc and I think something may come of it but only time will tell. In the mean time Im looking into TAFE and applying to all the jobs I can find.

This whole 'career' thing is super strange.

Hope everyone's being jolly and having a merry old silly season so far!


A Question...

Hello readers :)

I have a question for you all...
Did you do any form of tertiary education?
What was it and what type of job do you have now?

The reason I ask is because I'm seriously considering going to Uni, simply because I feel as though I need to have a 'proper' degree to get anywhere in my working life.
My diploma of Visual Merchandising hasn't really got me anywhere.

I'm contemplating a bachelor of business majoring in marketing but I'm so scared I wont like it.


Any words of wisdom would be great!

(warning, essay!!!)

All your advice has been very helpful guys! I definitely would rather find full time work and make my way up from the bottom than anything else!

Unfortunately the store I currently work in is a department store and they dont employ anyone full time, and to get into management you have to do a full on traineeship, which is a pain! I have friends that work in smaller retail stores who have made their way up and are now managers, one is even a store manager.

I guess I'd like to get out of the customer service area of retail because jobs are few and far between. And living where I live, people are really funny about hiring me down in Sydney, even though thousands of people commute from where I live every day! Every time I go to an interview for a position in Sydney theyre like 'are you going to move down here soon?', and yes, I probably will eventually but I'm quite happy to catch a train, I did it to go to TAFE in Ultimo for 18 months. 5:30am get up every day. I know I can do it but I feel like they think its too much hassle to even give me a go.

ANOTHER thing, is that because I work in a department store, sales assistants dont have to personally meet 'sales targets'. The merch just sells itself. And of course when I go to interviews I'm always asked if I have had experience meeting sales targets, but I havent... I dont really know what to do about this?


I really want to go to TAFE and do retail management, but I want to do it online... I think I'll have to seriously look into it when I get back from the USA, because atm I cant afford to study. I guess thats why I liked the idea of uni, cuz it's all done through HECS. But, in the end, I've gotta do something I'm interested in.



Remember this dress?

Well today I got bored and changed it into a skirt.

And I think it's 200% better this way!
So happy with how it turned out. The top part of the dress still looks quite cute over a plain black dress too! Score.

I also made some gingerbread as an attempt to get into the spirit of the silly season.
It kinda worked...
...And also made me feel like a beached whale because I kept eating the dough. And the icing... and then the biscuits. Oops.
BUT I have been super duper healthy with my eating this week so yay!


The Best Thing Ever

The title is probably a bit of an overstatement. BUT.
It really is one damn cool piece of clothing. Oh god. I cant believe I resisted buying it for nearly a week. It is definitely a MUST HAVE in my wardrobe. I love big ridiculously drapey things.


For Sale

On eBay I'm selling some brand new Betts shoes. They're grey (faux) suede and really cute! I've never worn them and they're current season stock.




So I've jumped back on the extreme fitness bandwagon. I tried on a skirt that fit me 6 months ago on Sat night, and it was too tight. I got it on, but I couldnt sit down in it.

Hello wake up call.
I mean it makes no sense because I go to the gym 3 to 5 times a week. But obviously I'm not doing something right. Hmm. I know not to keep doing the same thing all the time, and that you should do weights and then cardio in your workout. But still.

I have decided to start using calorieking.com.au again as it helped me lose 7kgs last time. I would like to be back under 60kgs please! I only need to lose about 4-5kgs to do it but eeeeeek, its gonna take some will power me thinks.

I hate cardio.

If anyone has any tips or hints (exercise or food related) please send them my way!


City mission on Sat night.
This is what I wore... Nothing too exciting! Im in dire need of new clothes buuuuuut rego for car + other lame adult expenses + 21st + USA trip come first!

I wore the Ladakh bolero again, ha. Its just so much fun to wear!
Skirt // SG
Shoes // Mimi Loves Jimi

We only ended up going to Century Bar and Star Bar before we had to turn around and come home again because of the crapola gap in trains back to where we live. Boo! Next time we'll be prepared and be on the 4:45am train instead of the 1:45am! We were having sooooo much fun too, sucked to leave.
(in all honestly though, Star Bar was exactly like my fave club up here but bigger, and was still sick fun! Free entry is always a bonus too)

Then yesterday it was J and I's 6 month anniversary (not a massive milestone, I know, but we like to celebrate everything, no matter how little :) )
He got me this pandora:

And we went out to dinner at an awesome restaurant called Rojo Rocket. Its mexican based cuisine and the atmosphere is 'badass' as one of J's mates put it. Haha. It was amazing though! The food and cocktails were lovely.

I also had today off work, because where I work we're given a day off for Melbourne cup (weird as we're not in Victoria? Anyway I'm not complaining!) and we can either take that day off or up to a month after have whatever day off we want. So I've had a lovely relaxing 3 day weekend which has been probably the best weekend I've had in ages. Drinking, eating + dancing with good company! To top it off the weather was amazing Sat + Sun so yay!


Sub Zero Bolero

Went out to dinner last night to kick off my bestie's birthday weekend (theyre twins)
We had Thai, which was a bit of a disaster! Anywho, here is zee outfit...

I took my Ladakh 'Sub Zero Bolero' for a spin.
Bad angle buuuuuuuut you get the general idea. Boo to my bum looking a tad wide!

Skirt // Sunny Girl (it has pockets. Love!)
Top // Cotton On
Wallet // SG
Accessories // T&Co, Lovisa, Diva

Shoes // Zomp
Nails // SG White (I'm onto my second bottle!) and SG Carribean

Tonight we're continuing the festivities by going out in the city (which is what we call Sydney around these parts). It'll only be my second time going out down there and I'm hoping it'll be better than last time!
Fingers crossed.
Hope youre all having wonderful weekends!


Ahhhh been SO MIA lately.
I have been working 10 hour days (yay...) and in that time somehow managed to move my room around and re-organise my wardrobe. Cheering.

It once was a mess of too many clothes (sometimes 2 items hung on one hanger. BAD! And also things just randomly shoved in my closed instead of being folded nicely.)

And now, with the rearrangement of my bed etc I now have soooooo much room to stand and stare at my shoes/clothes rack which is lots of fun. I know. It's actually quite sad really but I do love my clothes a little more than I should (dont we all? I'll just tell myself that so I feel better about myself).

SO. Pictures.

Shoes all neat and such.

Lots of room for prancing about in various outfits.
Are we all loving the jungle outside my room? I dont. Theres about 50 00000000 spiders out there.

Behold the new bed arrangement (as FF would say)



NEW SHOES. AH. LOVEEEEEE. And yes I know what youre thinking 'Oh you tool arent they like your other ones?' to you I say, no, theyre about 1000 times more awesomer and more comfy and I heart them HEEEAPS.
Mimi Loves Jimi from General Pants. My mother went halves with me for them too! Cue more cheering.

Then on Saturday night J and I went to see Lior because he is J's fave singer and I wanted to surprise him for our 6 month anniversary.

We found a bar with $3 drinks and got a bit silly.

New 'LOVE' ring from Lovisa

I think thats J's 'i'm holding the camera and concentrating and therefore cannot smile' face. haaa

Was a great night :)



Desperately seeking outfit inspiration for this Sat night when J and I go to a concert in Sydney.
Meanwhile... 21st birthday celebration plans are coming together and I'm getting extremely excited.
I was never going to have a party but now I think I'll regret it if I dont.
Theme + potential location have been decided! Along with outfit. Haha.

(all pics from lookbook, chictopia or elle street style)