New clothes for the first time in like 3 weeks! Joy!
(how pathetic that I cant go like a month without something new. I was starting to panic after only 2 weeks! oh this terrible consumer world we live in! ha)
I wore this to a friends farewell on Friday night.
Valleygirl jacket
Temt cardi
Supre skirt
Random top dress
Factorie necklace
Target combat boots

I have also lightened my hair for the first time ever. I have added light streaks through the top and dyed the ends lighter, to have that 'grown out' look that is all the rage at the moment. Mines only very subtle. Ill tell u what though, it is true what they say about lightening your hair making it dryer! Eek. I think I need to go get me some yummy deep conditioning treatment. (Any recommendations?) Apart from that I'm loving it.


My First Award!

I was tagged by the lovely Jesse from Liefde!
Yay my first ever award!

What to do:
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2. State 10 things you like
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So here goes, 10 things that make me happy:

I might start off with something obvious...


I love all of it. And it seems shallow and ridiculous but it makes me feel at ease when I'm browsing blogs/shopping online/looking at people wearing pretty things and trying not to stare at them too long so I dont look like a creep (eeek!). I instantly feel relaxed and I can forget all the troubles in my little world. I guess its like a kind of therapy. I know, not the best way to get therapy but I cant afford a shrink. Ha.

Those sunny, slightly windy, 25 degree days

We're blessed with them in spring and autumn and sometimes even in winter. They bring a smile to my face because theyre not too hot, not too cold. Everything just seems crisp and clear. Its amazing. Even better in spring when you can just smell summer on the way. Mmm.

which brings me to...

The beach. Or, more specifically, my beach

I live in a town about an hour north of Sydney that honestly is just so gorgeous and perfect and I could not have asked to have been brought up anywhere better (sorry, biased!).
It's managed to hold on to its village charm (still gets hectically over populated by tourists in summer) but during winter you can be the only one on the beach. Awesome.

This is a pic I took from the southern end of the beach on the rock platform. Every time I drive into where I live and see the beach I feel so lucky. I really love where I live and I hope one day I can raise my kids here.

Everyone, deserves music, sweet music

Ohhh music. Its the shiz. There is a song for every emotion ever felt. There are songs to lift you up when youre feeling down, or to just cry to when youre feeling down. And songs to listen to when youre feeling like life is effing dandy.

Hence why I have this tattoo! I think I've posted about this a while back. Anywho, I have music to thank for the fact that I came out of my teen years somewhat sane.
Yay music!
My fave song is 23 by Jimmy Eat World. It is just... wow.

My fave band...

Ive also posted about these dudes before. They rock. Really. Love love love! It also helps that the lead singer is a MAJOR babe. His voice is... ah! They are from the UK and play 'melodic post rock'. I have a dream to one day see them live and hopefully meet them afterwards. They love getting in touch with their fans and once I wrote a message to the lead singer on Absolutepunk.net and he WROTE BACK. I deadset hyperventilated. I have 3 cd's, 1 signed and 1 signed poster of theirs and I absolutely cherish them to bits as theyre all shipped from the UK.

That was recorded at Download festival in the Uk last year. Awesome acoustic version of one of their songs off their last album.
I could not have more love or respect for what they do.


No, really. Yum. I could eat and eat and eat and eat and eat some more. I think about what I'm going to eat next a lot of the day.
The only foods I dont like are mushrooms, pineapple when its cooked and parmigiana. Haha.
I'm only not morbidly obese because I freak myself out and do lots of exercise. I'm sure when I hit 30 everything will start to catch up to me and I'll have to just calm down in the food department. But until then, OHM NOM NOM NOM. (Im well known amongst everyone on fb for constantly updating about what food Im eating and also like to put 'nom' on the end of everything, even if it makes no sense).


Need I say more?


I really, really, really like making lists. They make me feel so organised and grown up. I am prone to forget to do things and lists help so much. We have a 'to do' list on the fridge that says at the top of each page "This is F*cking Urgent". Hahaha. Every time I see it I smile. If I have things listed, I know I can make it through the day. And the feeling of accomplishment when you complete a list... Ahhhhhhh!

I'm going to be super cliche or soppy or boring or whatever but this should have probably been number 1.
My boy, J.

Deadset. I have been through some shite in my past relationships. So to finally meet someone who just freaking GETS it, and gets ME is ah-ma-zing. Now I have him I dunno what I'd do without him.
He is, sappy as it is, my absolute everything.
(cue people vomiting a little in their mouths)
Soowweeee! Ha.

I'm going to tag:
The Talented Caitlin

Thats it because everyone I can think of has already been tagged (I think? Eek) forgive me, its 11:52pm. Blahhhh!!!
Nighty night!


want. need cash desperately.
so keen for summer. given i'm saving for america i have no idea how i'm going to fund my summer wardrobe... hmm.
this is going to be interesting.



This past week I have been at work experience at Ladakh. It was so much fun! Theyre such lovely girls there and I was sad to leave. I got to help out on a rage book shoot, see new stock, help the designers... plus just generally observe and find out so much about what goes on behind the scenes at a fashion label. It was hell interesting, and it made me so excited to have some sort of career in the fashion industry. I'm a bit sad about coming back to my normal life. And it made me want to move to Sydney so so so much! Haha.

Anywho here are some outfit shots from last Sat night, we went out to dinner for my grandmas birthday at a lovely french restaurant. The food was so nommy. Mmmmm.

Only realised this photo was blurry when I got it onto the computer. Photo fail. Grr. But you get the general idea... right? Hahaaa

Sportsgirl dress
Cotton On blazer
SG nail polish in 'baby elephant'
Kmart boots
Leather Pandora bracelet
Tiffany & Co silver bracelet
DKNY watch

can anybody say, chain store whore?
Haha, oh wells!


I'm off on an Adventure

The big adventure is officially booked. LA, San Fran, Vegas, and NY. Its not for 8 months but we're so excited and so glad we're doing it.
Now the saving begins!