Quizzes and Outfits

Went to see 'The Other Guys' with J on Tuesday night. I didnt really enjoy it. I feel like an outcast because I only find about 2 of Will Ferrel's movies remotely funny.
Anyone else feel the same? Please tell me there are more of us! Ha.


My hair looks odd here. Anyway, I just wore cropped velvet leggings, and oversized tee and my trusty lepard print cardi.
Leggings // Target
Top // SG
Cardi // ?
Ring // SG
And my new shoes from Betts! Yay.

I think I shall be living in them in summer.

I was also tagged by Rachel from The Blonde Leopard to do this quiz. Yay! I like quizzes.
She thought of 7 questions to answer.

1. What is your worst habit?
Being anxious, and stressing about things for no reason! Ha.

2. What is your most prized possession?
Either my T&Co bracelet, my DKNY watch (I got both for my 18th from family), my vintage glomesh bag collection or my patent leather lace up wedges.

3. Who is your favourite celebrity and why?
I really, really, really like Kim Kardashian. I know shes a tacky ho but I love that she flaunts her curves and she does actually have really good style and taste! Whitney Port, Katy Perry and Miranda Kerr are also up there just for being confident, awesome women.

4. Favourite song/s of all time.
23 by Jimmy Eat World

5. What is your dream item? (e.g. mine is an Alexander Wang Diego - like you didn't already know!)
I dont have a 'dream item' because I know I cant afford things and it makes me kind of depressed to think about it. Ha. But I would love to get a Chanel bag when I'm in NY. I know theyre copied so much but for some reason I still want one.

6. What was your New Years Resolution and have you accomplished it?
I dont think I had one... Hmm. I dont usually make them because I either forget them or never accomplish them!

7. What was your favourite subject at school?
I definitely didnt have a favourite subject. I liked art, but it depended on which teacher I had because some of them were so uninspiring it was awful!



LOVING how stumpy I look in this pic. Ha.
It was the only one where my chest wasn't channelling Pam Anderson :|
This is what I wore out a few weeks ago. I seriously love this dress so much!

Bandeau Top//Ladakh

My new way to display my sunnies in my room, I'm getting a bit of a collection so I figured I may as well display them on the wall. Theyre out of the way and look pretty :)

Yay for Wednesday, only 2 more working days to go!

Ps I has new layout! I think I like it but I want to make the columns wider. Must get my HTML skills on.


Went on a lovely picnic today with a few peeps. It was SUCH a gorgeous day, as soon as I got up I knew there was no way I was staying inside. We had fruit + dip + crackers + musk sticks and blew bubbles and had a game of mini soccer. Best way to spent the day.

Me with my flower headpiece I made for a hippy party a while back. I thought it would be nice to get it out to celebrate Spring!

Scenic shot. The water was so turquoise today it was weird! I thought I was in far north QLD!

New maxi from Target. Only $23 with the current sale that's on. YAY.
Also got the bangin' headscarf from Diva. I cant help but still be crazy in love with all things animal print.

Haaaaaa could I be any more posey? Blergh! Sunnies x 2 from Factorie. Its a pain, I used to get sunnies off quayeyewear.com.au, and know I would be getting something a lot of people wouldnt have, but now Factorie has a lot of the styles and colours quay has, for $20 less too. Boo!

My current collection of 'wrist junk', including my new talon bangle/cuff. Love it!

Hope youre all having lovely weekends! I have more pics to share but I think I'll save them for another time :)


The Hunky Husband/Partner/Boyfie Survey.

A Random Survey!

Nabbed this off The Blonde Leopard who stole it from Domestic Divinity. Ha. I love these silly surveys.

The Hunky Husband/Partner/Boyfie Survey

How long have you been together: 4 months... feels like about 2 years though. In a good way!

How old is he? 24

Who said I love you first? He did. In our fave kebab shop. At 3am. LOL. But I knew he meant it.

Who eats more? Him. Although we both eat HEAPS.

Who is taller? He is 6 ft I am 5'7

Whose temper is worse? Miiiiine. Damn hormones!

Who does the laundry? We dont live together

Who sings better? Hahahahaha. I spose I do, but he has a lovely voice.

Who is smarter? I think we're matched for intelligence, but he probably has more common sense. Or so he'd like to believe. Ha.

Who does the dishes? -

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Him.

Who pays the bills? -

Who mows the lawn? -

Who cooks dinner? He does. Being a chef and all :)

Who drives when you are together? He does. My car be too tinyyy!

Who is more stubborn? Hahaha him for sureee

Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Um. I think we're both pretty sweet at that

Whose parents do you see the most? It's pretty even

Who has more friends? I think its about the same

Who has more siblings? He does.

Was it love at first sight? Not 'love' as such... but definitely a very strong connection, and one I have never felt before. Ive had 3 serious relationships before this one and things have never been like this. We compliment each other so well. I have never felt so appreciated or been treated with such respect and caring. And now he's been in my life I dont think I could ever be without him.


Good Hair Day

• Customised Cotton On tee + mums old white blouse.
Mucking around with zooooom on my cam.

• Playing with one of my letters from Typo.'K' is the first letter of my name.
Cotton On blazer + Ladakh skirt

• I can FINALLY middle part my hair. Joy.
Looks a bit whack in that photo but oh wells!

• Old peace sign necklace + new cross necklace. I think I will be wearing these to death.

• Sparkly OTK socks from Target. $2.86. Ah barrrgain.

I'm off to see Tomorrow When The War Began. I'm almost wetting myself with excitement.
Wheee! Happy Friday! xxx