top Sportsgirl// skirt Supre// various accessories from random places// Zomp sandals

Quick outfit post. I wore this on a little dinner + movie date with J on Sat night. We had fish and chips on the beach and went and saw Black Swan (which was probably the most wacked out movie I've seen in forever. It reminded both J and I of The Machinist. J enjoyed it, I kind of thought it was all a bit too hectic, and you could kind of tell when the 'scary' bits were coming? I still thought Mila + Natalie were great though. As well as the lady that played her mum... CREEPY.)

Yay for Australia day tomorrow, so awesome having a day off in the middle of the week. YES.




Christian Louboutin 'Banana 140' platform pumps// Marc by Marc Jacobs Embellished Ballet Flats// Jeffrey Campbell Two wedge boots// Pour La Victoire Land Suede Wedge Booties// Jeffrey Campbell Mariel// Dolce Vita Pascal Bootie// Marc by Marc Jacobs Pouchette// Marc by Marc Jacobs Coral// Matt & Nat Marvel Bag// Michael Kors Acrylic Stone Watch// Tiffany Interlocking Circles Ring// Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch// Ray Ban Plastic Aviators// Pour La Victoire Womens Desire flats// Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch

My Lust List for the USA.
I'm hoping to buy quality bags, shoes and jewellery when I'm away because I figure I can never be too fat to wear them. Ha. I'm sure there'll be many clothing purchases too though. I just dont want to come back with a shit load of clothes I wont wear after a couple of months. Bah! Its probably inevitable though. Hahaha.

If anyone has any recommendations or advice for shopping in Amez please comment away :)


Stylish Blogger Award

I've been nominated for the Stylish Blogger Award by Partner of a FIFO, What is Forever? and lovely Cate from All Cats are Grey at Night

I'm supposed to tell you 7 interesting things about myself, then nominate 15 stylish people for the award.

Everyone I wanted to nominate has already been nominated... awkward.

Anywho, 7 things...

1. I think I'm left and right dyslexic. People ask for directions at work and 90% of the time I tell them to go right instead of left or vice versa. I have to think really really hard to tell them the right direction and often get all muddled up. Its embarrassing.

2. I rarely, if ever, spend more than $50 on an item of clothing.

3. I really prefer odd numbers over even ones. Like alot. To the point where on my car cd player I feel better if the volume number is an odd one.

4. I hate cooking, but I LOVE baking.

5. Since the age of 13, I have only been single for about 4 months. I have had 4 boyfriends in this time.
Weird, I know.

6. None of my friends know about this blog. I only have a couple who are into fashion, and I still dont think they'd 'get' the whole blogging thing. I often say "Oh I read about such and such on the Vogue forums" and people are like "What? Who? Vogue?" which is sad. I long to have friends one day who also know the wonders of the Vogue forums/style/fashion/design etc etc

7. I can sing. But only about 5 people in the whole world know this because I cannot stand being the centre of attention and I have awful stage fright. I used to have singing lessons, which I really enjoyed, but the anxiety I felt every week beforehand soon got the better of me, which sucks.

So there are my weird and wonderful facts!
Happy hump day :)


Gifts + Outfits

On my 21st Birthday, my grandmother gave me her mother's diamond engagement ring.
I nearly died.
It's so so so sweet of her. I love that I have something of my great grandmother's. I never met her but everyone says we would have gotten along so well.
I really hope to one day pass this on to my daughter.

I was also given a new black lather pandora bracelet, and some charms.
The plane and blue charm are from my parents, and the 21st one is from my best friends.
J got me the one that looks like a flower with a blue '1' in the middle because he said I'm his 'number 1'. Awww. Haha.

I bought this skirt from Ally last week. I cut the underneath bit out to make it sheer. I was hesitant at first because I thought the whole sheer look was a bit weird, but I'm loving it now. It feels a whole lot more summery this way.

I'm off to J's housemates birthday BBQ this afternoon. Apparently everyone has to do a beer bong on entry... so my bestie and I are going to attempt to sneak in. Hahaha.
After last weekend I'm off alcohol until Vegas baby!

Hope everyones having amazing weekends xxx


Twenty One

On Sunday I finally turned 21. I say 'finally' because I've been going to 21st's for over 3 years and its SO weird to now be 21 myself!

On Saturday, my family came to my parents house for a BBQ lunch, and on Saturday night I had some friends to J's place for a mini party before we headed out and met up with a bunch more people.

...There were tequila shots involved.

A good time was had by all. Until we woke up on Sunday feeling like cr*p. Hahaha.


The Obligatory Handbag Post

I've decided to do a 'what's in my handbag' post.
I've never done one before and I dont really have much else to post about! (its been a slow week. lol)

Stella McCartney for Target bag ($19..... as if I could resist? It's going to tide me over til I head to the USA and get me a Marc Jacobs or something (ok so I'm dreaming but it MIGHT be possible. ha))

Sportsgirl wallet/clutch
El cheapo sunglasses
(lost my other cheapies on xmas eve and I really loved them so I'm a bit sad :( )
Rimmel lipstick
MAC powder
Hand Cream
Dove mini deodorant
name badge
Nokia E71
(goal is to get an iphone 4 before I go overseas. This phone is an absolute piece of you-know-what! Grrr)
Ipod touch
Optimus Prime key ring on my car keys :)

Hmm. Definitely dont have the most exciting handbag contents! Haha.

I received these books for Christmas, 'Fifty Dresses that Changed the World' and 'Booky Wook 2' by Russell Brand.

Fifty dresses is incredibly interesting. It features all the dress styles that have had an impact on the world of design.
Including the famed 'Bandage Dress'
As well as the Shift dress, LED dress and of course the LBD.
Such an interesting read.

The dedication at the beginning of Russell's book is the sweetest;
'For Katy.
This is my past.
You are my Future.'

I have yet to find time to start reading it! But if it's like his first book, I know it'll be heart breaking but also hilarious. He has really had the most insane life.

Happy New Year everyone, by the way!
It's my birthday on Sunday... cant believe I'm going to be 21. I'm kind of not looking forward to it. But I'm sure by the end of the week I'll be excited. It always happens that way for some reason!