A Milestone

Meet my new baby. I used my shiny new credit card to pay for it (scaaaaaary) but I refuse to let things get out of hand! I needed the laptop for one of my jobs so I see it as a necessity :) I have, however, copped it from some friends over my choice of getting a CC. I know people get themselves into a lot of trouble with them, but I dont see how its right to berate someone for getting one, especially when it's not (always hahaaa) going to be for 'silly' things (like an Alexander Wang handbag??????? Wait, thats not silly. Thats a necessity! ;) ).

Of course, I went mentalist with photobooth. I always loved playing with it on our big mac desktop comp, but its so much fun when no one can see the crappy faces youre pulling hahahahaha

Fight Club

Does anyone else ever just feel like picking a fight for the sake of it? I feel like such a mentalist.


The List

American Holiday Style

What I plan on taking to America in EXACTLY 6 weeks time.
Hopefully it wont fill up my suitcase to much. I think closer to the time I'll cull it a bit, but I'm liking the way all the pieces should easily go together. Probably the most organised clothes I've ever put together! Mostly its a mish-mash of things that just dont work. Hopefully this is a sign my style is developing in a much more mature way :| hahaha FINGERS AND TOES PEOPLE!


A Cray Cray Little Thing Called Love

Our V Day was very relaxed. We had a small picnic on my front verandah because it was awful weather. But it was still nice :)

I gave J this ridiculously corny card from Kikki K (I do think it's pretty cute though)
He gave me one that was even cornier. Two giraffes hugging, something along the lines of 'love takes two... one is me, the other is you' and 'be my valentine' haha awww.

I made love heart shaped brownies and decorated the table in a festive V Day manner.
My present to him was a set of dog tags with our 'JR & KR 14.5.10' (our initials and the date we started going out) on it.
He got me Bvlgari perfume, cadbury creme eggs (NOM!!!) and...

The biggest rose I have EVER SEEN.
Seriously. It's on 'roids.

Say hi to Molly, J's parents pug. Shes always got a worried look on her face. She loves to wonder around the house with a stuffed toy in her mouth. Cutie. I'm getting me a pug the minute I move out.



New wedge Desert Boots + Leopard print skirt
Shoes // Target
Skirt // Dont Ask Amanda @ General Pants



Target dress circa 2008
Lovisa + some random shop turquise bracelets
SG Mediterranean on toes
SG silver sandals
(I think I was channeling Cameron in '07 when she wore that fuschia dress with the turquoise jewels?)

I wore this on Wednesday night when J took me to the restaurant he used to run. The owner wanted us to try out the new chef (who used to work at Aria!!!!! I dont think he could be bad if he used to work there! Ahhhhh!!!! Matt Moran!!! Aria Chocolate Tart!!!! Yum!)
The food was amaaaaaaazing. I really should have taken photos, dammit!
The owner asked us to come back next week because the chef's changing the menu and she wanted more opinions! Hehe. So I will try and remember to take photos if we go! (but seriously who says no to free 3 course meals?!?!?!)

We had a mezze plate and stuffed zuchini flowers for entrees, chicken breast wrapped in panchetta, and blue eye cod for mains, and strawberry shortcake and TWICE BAKED FLOURLESS CHOCOLATE CAKE for dessert. OMG. YUM.
Haha I'm drooling just thinking about it.

SO busy this week, already worked 5 days and got tomorrow to go. BLAH. Then one day off and another 5 days of work. Le sigh.

Merry Friday to those of you who do not have to work on the weekend! :D



So much has been happening!
I've got a job as a contract Visual Merchandiser, on top of my current part time work,
so I'm going to be busy busy!
I start tomorrow so fingers crossed it goes well.
I've been a little bit thrown in the deep end but I'm positive about it and so happy to have finally found something, I really hope it all works out!

If anything, its experience that will hopefully get me further in my career :)