Pieces of Me...

Fishing again on Sunday, afternoon snacks at a wonderful little cafe, New Sportsgirl scarf and dinner with hendricks gin + tonic last week at an amazing lebanese restaurant for my grandmother's birthday.


Clip In Hair Extensions

I bought my 4th set of clip in hair extensions yesterday.
These are definitely the longest I've ever gotten (even though every set I've bought has been 20 inches so I have no idea how that happened! Cheering but!)
I like them but I still wish they were a bit thicker. And for some reason I'm having more trouble blending them with my hair.
Here's before...

And after...

forehead looks unusually large here. hmm. hahaha.

I mainly wear them because Im growing out a horrible, horrible, heavily layered hair style from 2006...

I think is may even be the actual photo I took in. Silly me.
At the moment the shortest layers nearly reach my shoulders, but they're soooooo thick! Its awful. Its like I've got a super long mullet or something? I dont know :S
Anyway, point is it looks pretty whack.
I'm going to the hair dressers before I go overseas and I'm scared to ask her to thin out the layers in that section cuz I dont want to make it worse and spend more time growing it out.
If anyone has any tips/advice I would love to hear it!


One Afternoon...

This afternoon J and I decided to go fishing. J loves it, and was once junior NSW fishing champion hahahaha, and it was such a nice afternoon I decided to take some photos. I still marvel at how lovely it is where we live. So freaking lucky!!!
Even with J's skillz we only caught 2 little baby Bream... or rather, he did. I kept letting my bait get eaten :| Hahaha.

a little shot of the outfit I wore :) Please excuse the awkward vacant stare. bwahahahha :|

Free Fusion top
DIY bleached/cut/messed up denim shorts



Today's outfit for a friends 21st birthday lunch gathering.
Its absolutely pouring and has not stopped. The party is Balinese themed and was supposed to be out on the deck, complete with a band but I think we'll all be squished inside.
Im sure it'll still be a lovely afternoon. Her Mum knows how to put on a party, thats for sure. It's been in planning since January!

Top // Cotton on
Skirt // Glassons
Drapey thing // Alive Girl? I think?
Shoes (not pictured) // Kenji
Ulta3 'Twilight Fever" on tips and SG Elephant on toes

Tried to capture the awesome drapey-ness of this skirt. Its all gathered down the back too. Its uber flattering - I thought it would make me look like a hippo!

Hope everyones having an awesome weekend, mines been very relaxing, I'm gearing up for my 6 day week. Cant believe its here again already. Only 2 weeks of work left and then I'm on leave, I'm so keen to recharge and chill out a bit before the cray cray times in America.


Bits of Things

Outfit from Tues night when J and I went to see 'I am Number 4'. Which was surprisingly a really good movie! I am hoping they make a sequel. Although apparently the main actor, Alex Pettyfer, is being a bit of a douche (anger management issues!!!) so maybe they wont make one/wont have him in it :(((((((((

The skirt is from Target Free Fusion circa 2007... I love it heaps. I lost it for a about 18 months (it was UNDER my tallboy. Woops.......) I wore it to work exp at Country Road a few years back and was asked if it was Zimmermann.... hahaha. I was secretly a bit stoked. The skull necklace is from Lovisa and I decided to jazz it up with some nailpolish hahaha oh dear the things I do when I'm bored.

I finally jumped on the Ulta3 bandwagon, goshhhh theyre so good. The colours are awesome.
I have (left to right) pacific fever, blossom fever, twilight fever, gold rush fever, and also watermelon and wildberry so far!

I'm currently a bit stressed about my USA trip. My dad put the fear of god into me this morning and said that if the radiation in Japan gets bad enough it could drift across into America. Ahhhh! He's such a worry wart but I'm a bit concerned now. I hope its not likely.
...I guess I should just be thankful my house hasnt just been washed away by a tsunami.
:( I cant even imagine what theyre going though :(


Random Acts of Life

Random pics from my phone from June '10 - now.

I rediscovered this video today. It gave me chills all over again and brought tears to my eyes. Its so beautiful.


Planning in Progress

So I'm trying to get on top of all this America business.
It's roughly a month away.

I realised I should probably stop worrying about what I'm going to WEAR and more about W.T.F J and I are actually going to DO. Because yes, I want to look cute while doing things but I didnt really know what it is I was going to look cute whilst doing. (Did that make sense? You get the general idea... hahaaa)

This is my rough idea (so far)

(3 Days):
Go shopping at the Grove
Walk of Fame
Stars Homes Tour
Madame Tussauds
Venice Beach
Santa Monica

San Fran
(1.5 Days):
Lombard St
Union Square Shopping
Haight Ashbury District
Golden Gate Bridge

Las Vegas
(2.5 Days):
Las Vegas Premium Outlets
New York New York Roller Coaster
Eiffel Tower
Circus Circus Rides
M&M's World
Carrot Top's comedy show (maybeee)
Plus lots of casinos/night clubs

New York
(6 Days):
Shopping in Soho - Must visit DASH NY. hahaha
Shopping on 5th Ave - Tiffany & co, Saks, etc
Woodbury Common?
Central Park
Strawberry Fields
Empire State Building
Statue of Liberty
Ground Zero
Times Square
Brooklyn Bridge

Probably could fit in more in a few places. Espesh NY as we do alot of those things with the Contiki anyway and then J and I have about 4-5 days to fill!
I think I'll go shopping mad.

SO excited. I cannot wait to start packing. I go on leave in exactly 1 month and I'm so excited to have a few days before we go to get some sleep and relax (hopefully at least a little bit!). I havent had any holidays since I went part time in July. Gahhhhhh!