IM BACK! Los Angeles - Best of USA Contiki April 2011

Wow. What a whirlwind/blur/epic adventure the last 3 weeks have been!
On the 7th of April, J and I flew off to the USA for the Best of USA Contiki tour.
We arrived back home this morning after flying from NY > LA > SYD *exhausting*
I've decided to split to the posts into one for each city otherwise it would all be too much!

Day 0
Arrive in LA at 6:30am after 12 hour flight and no sleep. Discover that (obviously) we cant check in to our hotel room yet. One of the girls on our tour was on our flight so we all decided to go into Hollywood and check it out. Ended up doing Madame Tussauds, Chinese Theatre, Walk of Fame and shopping in H&M and Zara...
That night we met up with our tour group and manager. There was 24 of us (which is small for a Contiki apparently) mostly Aussies too!
Finally went to bed after about 30 hours without sleep! -_-

Day 1
Did walking tour of Downtown LA with an awesome guide called Mike The Poet. He told us a lot about LA and the architecture of the buildings and we saw one that was used in Blade Runner. He randomly broke out into raps and poems about LA, which were really, really good!
Then we hopped on a coach and went to Hollywood, through Beverly Hills, Sunset Blvd and Rodeo Drive and then to Santa Monica and Venice.
Beverly Hills is PRISTINE. It is honestly so beautiful. Exactly as I imagined it.
We're sad we didnt make it back up that way to have a wonder around.
That night we went on a pub crawl in Hollywood. Cant even remember what bars and clubs we went to but it was the first experience with 'free pour' of alcohol which was really freakin scary cuz we were all paranoid about drinking and falling on the floor hahaha.

Day 2
J and I decided to head to The Grove and Farmers Market. Its not a very large shopping complex but its sooo pretty. hahaha. Went into more H&M and Zara and F21 and Victorias Secret and NORDSTROM... ahhh I love Nordstrom, Im so stoked they ship here! I wish we had the variety they do over there... and dammit everything really is so cheap. Its such a pain in the butt!

Day 3
Which... I am sad to say... I thought was a tad overrated?
:( wahh!
It would be amazing for little kids but so many of the rides were just not for us big kids!
Maybe I just prefer thrill rides or something?
LOVED Space Mountain though!

After one too many free pour alcoholic bevvies?

stay tuned for San Fran adventures...


Hair Stylin'

Sunnygirl skirt. Maxx at Target denim shirt. Cotton on top. Kenji sandals

A quick post before I head off to the hairdressers for the first time in 2 1/2 years. I know, but I HATE the hair dressers. Omg. I know my hairs dry, I know I shouldnt straighten it. But hell, its my hair and I'll do what I wish with it :D

This will probably be my last post before I head to the US of A.
I'm going to miss reading everyones blogs while I'm gone :(
Im really nervous and scared, I think I'll be excited when I get there but atm I'm trying not to think about being on a plane for 14 hours.

Cant wait to do a mammoth post when I get back!

Much love