chai on the beach on Saturday
the glorious place I call home :)
New Shanghai in Chatswood edamame and fresh dumplings!
my brekky everyday, protein berry smoothie


blogger will not let me upload photos. GRRR.



I got some new boots! So excited. Theyre not exactly what I was after but theyre pretty damn close and for $40 who could complain?

Outfit today with my new boots. Haha. Went to the local markets this morning with my mum and grandmother. The markets are right on the beach and it is the most glorious, amazing, cloud free and sunny day! We sat on benches on the beach and had chai + coffees. Perfect Saturday morning!

Cardi - Target
Skirt - H&M
Top - Target/Free Fusion
Boots - Wanted Shoes
Necklace - Tree of Life

I'm off to make lemon slice, from Reezy's blog :)))

PS... I want to know what other would do in this situation: I saw Nicole from Gary Pepper Vintage shopping at my local Coles last night (I see her around every now and then) AND I reallllly wanted to say something to her but I was too scared. I feel like interrupting someone when they're just going about a daily task is somehow rude? (even if it is to tell them theyre awesome and a great inspiration) :| Anyways what would you do/have you done if you've seen a blogger you love in real life? Im interested to hear what people have to say.




Bits and pieces from the past week or so as well as inspiration... cant remember where I got the pics from bur probably 'they all hate us' blog.

Cuppasoup and Frankie
Chai + caramel lattes with J
Turkish toastie
Mia, J's parent's evil kitty, kickin it slug style haha
Banana cake with ricotta icing
more chai and lattes with J




Outfit for todayyyyyyyy...
I havent really done anything today, just more fun online orientation shiz for my new job. Woo. Going to get some Thaaaai later though nom nom nom.

Cardi // Target
Top // Glassons
Skirt // Topshop
N/Lace // SG

I got the cardi on sale at Target because ALL KNITWEAR IS $20. YES. EVEN ONES THAT WERE $60.
Amazing. Ive also snatched up a few things for my new job (I have to wear all black. Its so hard finding nice tops that are work appropriate but not too business like!)

J got a new car so now I'm obsessed with the idea of getting a new (second hand) one. I just doubt whether anyone would give me a loan only working part time and such. Anyone got any advice in that area? I'd love to have a car to drive on the freeway that doesnt feel like its going to break up piece by piece. Eek.

Hope everyones enjoying their weekends!!!



Feeling The Tiki Love

Saturday nights adventures...

And yes we used plastic bags as umbrellas. Stylin' or what? haha



Whats In My...

Make Up Bag!
I was bored so decided to do a 'whats in my make up bag' post.
I was inspired by Em from rambling-e's post about her travel make up bag!

Eyelash Curler
Revlon falsies (to wear out in the city this weekend)
Napoleon Perdis Eyeshadow
MAC Studio Fix Powder foundation
Sephora blush
Covergirl bronzer
Physicians Formula Magic Mosaic bronzer
Loreal Eyeshadow
MAC Studio Fix Liquid foundation
Maybelline, Loreal and Rimmel liquid eyeliners (the Rimmel one is the best!!!)
Maybelline 'Falsies' Mascara
Aria Moroccan Gold Argan Oil
Lancome Juicy Tube
Australis Primer
SG glitter eyeliner
Revlon lippy
Aaaaand Body Shop make up brush

Phew! I have so much more than I realised!
I need to invest in a concealer and more brushes.

I have a 4 day weekend ahead of me, very exciting. Cannot wait for tomorrow night.
We're heading out to the Beresford in Paddington :)))

Happy Friday!


New Start

I have some news...

I got a new job :))))))))))))
I am actually going to be a Visual Merchandiser in a retail environment!
And down towards Sydney too... yay!
I have to survive the 3 month probation period though. Eek!

Jez and I are off to Sydney this weekend to have a reunion with our Contiki pals... cannot wait. So so so keen to celebrate!

Hope youre all having lovely weeks x

PS. Just want to give a shout out to my lovely friend Nicola who has just started a blog.
She is so talented at art and craft and I cant wait to see what she posts!
Head on over and check her out :)



What I wore to see Pirates of the Caribbean last night. ($44 for 2 movie tickets. what a rort! I would much rather not see movies in 3D and pay less. I'll never get the whole '3D' thing. haha /rant :P)

New skirt from Glassons (love the colour!)
Topshop cardi
Sportsgirl scarf
Target flats
(usual jewellery blah blah......ha)

I also added a little lightness to the bottom of my hair. I HATE HATE HATE my hair atm, its a shitty cut and hair dressers keep letting me down so Im very wary about going to one to get it fixed up. So I figured this was a way to give a bit of 'edge'... I was channelling Lily Aldridge. bahahahahahah :|

PS Yay hump day!

I reached 100 followers last week, so so so happy about this :)
Thank you everyone who reads my ramblings about nonsensical rubbish! Ha.
Yay! ^_^