Its Heeerrrre!

After getting lost in the post my new MJ bag has arrived. Yay!
There were a few brief seconds where I lost my faith in online shopping (ha), but thankfully it has been restored. This bag retails for $695 in DJ's... and I got it for US$270. Could not be happier!!!

Excuse the facials... I may have been taking the piss a bit hahaha

It looks black but is a lovely taupe colour <3

Better idea of the colour of the bag... Love the work outfit. Yum :| haha

I am in looooooooooove with the inside of it!!!!!!! I almost want to turn it inside out!
So glad it finally arrived yayayayayayyaayy!!!
Best end to the week :D


Pop of Colour

My $10.50 Sportsgirl flats from eBay. They're such a great colour, I cant wait to wear them all through summer. I wore them with my favourite Bardot jacket and black maxi last night to go out and eat wedges! haha. I seriously live in that jacket and I dont think Ive ever featured it in an outfit on here? Anyway its one of the best purchases Ive ever made!

necklace + flats//SG
nails//OPI elephantastic pink

I ended up buying a new Marc Jacobs tote... woops. Cant wait for it to arrive though!

Hope you all had lovely weekends!


Little Pieces

bits from the last month...
my dream catcher hanging from my rear view mirror (yes i was stopped at traffic lights when i took the photo!)
the most delicious chicken bento box from the food court under the qvb building
looking back towards Terrigal
random outfit
my mums homemade duck pancakes! nom nom nom



Image via Google
I pilfered this from Reezy over at peanutbandhoney
A. Age: 21 and feeling quite a bit older :S
B. Bed size: Double.
C. Chore you hate: ALL OF THEM. Sitting on the couch folding clothes isnt so bad though.
D. Dogs: Best! Ive never been allowed to have one as a pet so the minute I have my own place Im getting one!
E. Essential start to the day: A cup of coffee seems to do the trick <<< YES. Otherwise its actually gotten to the stage where I get all anxious and head-achey... eek.
F. Favourite colour: I'm quite partial to silver... and anything shiny. haha
G. Gold or silver: Silver for sure. Gold doesnt suit my skin tone.
H. Height: 171cm. I often wish I was about 165cm though.
I. Instruments: I can play a bit of piano by ear... and the recorder, haha
J. Job title: Visual Merchandising Assisstant
K. Kids: Maybe one day
L. Live:
A lovely beachside village on the Central Coast... thats a photo of it up there ^^^ :)))
M. Mum's name:
Anastasia. She'll shoot you if you call her that though
N. Nicknames: Kiz, Kizzy, Kizzle, Kezbang, Muffin, Muffinkins, Puffin (strangely my bestie calls me those last 3 hahaha). Or Shrubsy, which is what J calls me... theres a story to it.
O. Overnight hospital stays: Never, thank goodness
P. Pet peeve: Self righteous wankers. Whether they be driving a car, shopping, catching public transport or just simply 'being'. Argh.
Q. Quote from a movie:
"Get off Napoleon make yourself a dang quesedila"
R. Right or left handed: Right.
S. Siblings: One younger brother.
T. Time you wake up: 5:30 AM
U. Underwear: I prefer black or skin coloured, VPL-free! I'm not into fancy under garments. I usually find their uncomfortable! lol
V. Vegetables you dislike: Mushrooms. Ergh.
W. What makes you run late: Nothing usually. Sometimes J, cuz he likes to 'fiddle fart' around hahaha. Seriously though I have to tell him to be somewhere half an hour before he's supposed to be there! Hes such a dawdler. <3
X. X-rays you have had: Back and teeth
Y. Yummy food you make: Cupcakes. But really anything sweet. Let me bake and I shall be happy.
Z. Zoo animal: Giraffe!



Evil Twin cape-y goodness



The Weekend

On Saturday I finally went and got my full licence! Yay!
So good to not have to worry about any more tests.
Then I went to a Sushi cafe about 10 mins from my house with my Mum to try the food, which was reaaaally good.
The cafes been open for ages but I've never gotten around to going there.
I shall be going back!

Sportsgirl top/dress
Supre skirt
Wanted boots
SG scarf
various jewellery etc...

Then on Sunday I headed down to the Good Food and Wine show in Sydney with J, my mum and grandmother.

(Mum and my Grandma with their attractive wine glass neck holders...)

Adrian from Lifestyle Food

Tobie Puttock. Such a cutie!

Justine from MC season...1? I think? (and I call myself a MC diehard! pfffft! lol)

cannoli filled with jaffa cream... which gave me a tummy ache. but holy hell was it taaaaaasty!

is everyone else drooling??? NOM NOM NOM

Matt Moran's live show.

Of course!

Looooove vegetable chips!!!

It was a great day out. Forgot to take outfit photos but it wasnt an exciting outfit.
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!
Ive been at my new job for almost a week now and its pretty good!
Much prefer it to my old job, which is always a bonus :)))