What I wore last Friday (my camera ran out of battery and I've been too lazy to charge it. Woops.) I met up with a friend for lunch and we saw Friends With Benefits. I really liked it! It was funny and sweet and exactly what a rom-com should be. I'm not normally a JT fan but PHWOAR. He looked pretty damn alright!

Mila Kunis looked so cute too. She has amazeballs legs!

Nordstrom anorak//Target denim shirt//Red Berry skirt//Betts OTK boots

PS. AWKWARDLY just noticed I still had captcha on my comments. I thought I got rid of it back when I first started blogging! Embarrassing... anyway its gone now. Yay! Dieeeeee captcha!



Headed out for brunch with some friends this morning to have a good catch up!

Skirt// Ally - Top// Cotton On - Anorak// Nordstrom -
Novo black suede loafers and MBMJ handbag.
I loooveeee my new nail polish from Australis. Such a great pastel-y mint green!
I also bought a cheapy BYS matte nail polish. Its not very good though. Boo hoo.
(thats what you get for $4 I spose ha)

Had a weird situation with my friends at brunch. These are the friends I would classify as 'into fashion' and I would not be ashamed about them finding my blog. BUT.
One of them said she 'cant stand blogs'. Eeeeeeeeek.
Not too sure how I feel about this now.

You seriously never ever know what people are thinking.

Hope everyones having amazing weekends xxx


Loving Lately


all pics via google images

• Top knots/high buns
• New shoes from Rubi
• Iced Chai Lattes
• Gel eyeliner. I am a convert! (That is my eye haha hellooo dodgy phone pics)
• Cuppa soups!

What I've been loving this week... So glad its hump day, but its seriously scary how fast the weeks have been flying by.
Hope everyones having an awesome week!



Today my family, J and I went to a gorrrrgeous restaurant for a combined celebration of my Grandparents 50th wedding anniversary and my Grandma's 70th birthday.

entree of cured meats and pickled vegies

my lovely grandparents

the fam on the front steps of Bells
I feel like Khloe K when she stands next to Kim and Kourt in heels. Hello behemoth!

A small part of the gardens.

Blazer//H&M - Dress//SG - Shoes// JC - Bag//MBMJ

I finally wore my Jeffrey Campbells. In soooooo much love with them!!!
I felt amazeballs in them.
I also wore a new Sportsgirl dress I bought last week.
I love it when clothes make you feel like a million bucks.
Seriously does not get better than that.




My new laptop keyboard cover. Love!
The local markets :)))
Ricotta cakes + banana @ the local cafe
Katy looking amazeballs (via tumblr)
Random nights out waiting for pizza + making napkin hats
OPI Elephantastic Pink
Kimmy also looking amazeballs... I'd love to recreate this look (via tumblr)

Hmm the theme here seems to be pink (funny I used to DESPISE pink once upon a time!) I'm in love with bright colours atm. We've just launched S/S 11 at work and the racks are filled with such amazing clothes. Cannot wait for the warmer weather!