Bargain of the Century (for me anyway!)

Did purchase this One Teaspoon skirt which was $350...


wait for it!!!!


It was $100, then I got my 20% staff discount and bob is your uncle!


Its lovely :)))



Quick outfit post :)
Worked mental hours this week yet again. Love a good 11 hour day!
Wore this mattress shopping, literally bought the first mattress I lay down on. It was perfect!

Forever New knit cape/cardi
Temt skirt
ChicaBooti top
Sportsgirl turquoise flats

Heading out tonight wearing THE BARGAIN OF MY LIFE. Truly.
Outfit posts hopefully tomorrow. I cant wait to share it with you!
Hope youre all enjoying your weekends!



The Beach...

- The glorrrrious beach!
- J and I
- My new peace sign singlet, DIY tie-dye denim shorts and bracelets
- Close up of bracelets
- Slushies to cool us off
- New Chi Chi lip stick. Its an awesome orangey colour and has great staying power (surprisingly!!!)

Hope you all enjoyed your weekends! The weather was amazing. Bring on Summer!


Thirsty Merc and Other Things!

1. Outfit post from Tuesday on my lovely day off
(Target shorts/Forever New Metallic cardi/Urban Outfitters singlet/all black Converse)

2. Bananas. I really dislike the real thing but give me it in bread/lolly/paddle pop form and I'll be your best friend :D

3. Blurry nails. Haha. I tried thoseSally Hansen strip thingys. I like them, but in my 'profession' nails never last long and these weren't really an exception. They still chipped after one day. And they left weird residue on my nails :(

4. The gorgeous Molly covered in a pile of her toys... Hahahaha. I love building little forts around her out of things. Usually its lounge cushions and blankets. She just sits there in amongst it and chills out haha.

5. Nommy bagels at the local Cafeeee

6. Thirsty Merc live! So in love! We got to meet them too, and they signed a poster for us. It was great, everyone lined up and met them and got photos and had a little chat.
They put on an amazing show and I could not be more happy we made a snap decision to go and see them. (Literally I made the call an hour before they were due to go on stage, and I live 45 mins from the venue they played at hahaha. So worth it!) When they played 'Build a Bridge' and 'All My Life' I lost it. Perfection!

Things have been hectic in my little world, Ive been helping at another store with major things, worked Sunday and Monday nights til 1am. Fun fun... It truly was amazing experience though! We worked with the International Visual Merchandiser for Armani which was pretty mind blowing. Now preparing for an event, which is majorly tiring.

Bring on the weekend though, the sleep deprivation is catching up with me!
-_- zzzzzzz....


Never change my spots

So it was J's birthday on Friday night and we headed out to a little italian restaurant for some delicious pizza.

I wore my forever faithful ruched (sp???) H&M skirt
Cotton blazer
and $20 top from a random little boutique in Warringah Mall (went there for work last week, such a trek!)
I am sooooo in love with this top, I wish I got it in every colour! Its extremely flattering (surprisingly).
Necklace is from trusty old Sportsgirl. Love that it looks like lace. I'm really getting into shorter/statement necklaces lately.

Hope everyones weeks are going well so far xxx



So in love with this dress! It was marked down to $49.95 with a further 30% off at Sportsgirl. Grand total of $35. Baaaarrrgain!

Wore it with my fave jacket of all time from Bardot and Jolie boots last Saturday when I ran some errands.

PS.. How perfect are these Tom Ford sunnies? I've been watching KUWTK Bora Bora episodes and Kourt looks amazing in them. Want!



1. Smarties and pastel polish
2. Delish wok fried chicken with beetroot and watercress salad + wasabi dressing
3. J's parents silly cat sleeping
4. Best brekky. Mmmm!
5. Awkies photos in the bathroom at the local country club. All class! Most awful facial expression ever I think. Haha.

J's birthday is tomorrow :)
We're going out for dinner tomorrow nightt and possibly seeing Thirsty Merc on Saturday night. They are amazing live! Heres hoping I can get my hands on some tickets.

YAY FOR FRIDAY TOMORROW! I have had a tiring couple of weeks, very keen for some sleep! xxx