Iced Mochas. Ahhhhhhh
Yummer dinner cooked for me on Friday night (complete with wine!)
Havs + Sand = Summer
2 x new tops from Dotti, finally getting more brights in my wardrobe!

Not much to report here, I've been working my butt off as we have numerous head office visits this week including the CEO... Ahhhhhhh fun fun.

Off to QLD next week with J, a holiday that is so desperately needed. I can only hope the weather is ok as we are heading to Wet N Wild and Dreamworld :))))))



On Friday night a last minute decision was made for me to go to Girl's Night In with my Mum and her friends, as one of their friends couldn't make it. I was freaking out a bit at work all day trying to figure out what to wear. The theme was 'Mad Hatters Tea Party' with a touch of pink.

Got the JC's out for a spin :) (so comfy to dance in too! for a couple of hours anyway! haha)

cupcakes on everyones tables

The table setting/decorations

The room. So pretty!

Pole dancing display

Dessert platter :) Deeeelish

Jelly shots... I've never seen 40/50 yr old women go so mental over jelly shots! It was cray cray!

Mum and her pals with their lucky door prize tickets on their heads (which I won, as well! 2x bottles of wine and a big box of favourites! I never win anything and was staring in shock at my ticket when they announced it)

Mum and her jelly shot eyes.

It was such a fun night, honestly my Mum's friends party harder than some people I know! (Our table was scarily the worst behaved haha). The food was amazing, it was an amazing atmosphere and the girls who organised it did a great job.

I wore this outfit:
minus the blazer and with a giant fascinator (which was renamed an 'astonisher' by one of Mum's friends. Hahahaha)

Back to work tomorrow. Blahhhhhh. How does everyone get over the whole depressing 5 days on, 2 days off thing? I'm honestly struggling to deal with it. It makes me pretty upset sometimes that the world is the way it is. I know theres nothing I can do and I shouldnt think about it all too hard but it bothers me... :\ I hope I'm not the only one that feels this way? Haha I am known for thinking about things wayyyyyy too much though.



T H I S W E E K E N D I . . .

My weekend in pictures.
Rimmel Pop! and BYS Matte White nailpolish. Gucci Flora. Wearing my Zara sandals for the first time. New favourite shorts in the whole world. Buying a bright necklace from Lovisa. Nights out with friends: Foozeball, singalongs, Gin and Tonic, Beer Gardens, glow sticks, glowing ice cubes, Live Music, puppies, guys putting on dresses, running through the streets, getting in just before curfew, partying til late in the 'man cave'.
Hangover cures the next day in the form of a bacon and egg roll and Vanilla Coke Zero.
Lazing about in the sun while J and his parents fished. Good times.




The main street of my little town at sunset

channeling my inner Nanna (she comes out often) and drinking tea with scotch fingers. Mmm

New manni's I was unpacking at our recently refurbished store.

Saturday night's outfit.
New Witchery skirt for half price!

J man sitting round the table having a few bevvy's with some pals.
We then headed out. Literally everyone I we knew was out for Oktoberfest. It was ridiculous!

This is the view from the pad we partied at, we ended up crashing there. Its one of J's friends parents places. AH MA ZING! I nearly died when I woke up and actually saw the view.

J in instagram mode. Heehee

My lunch today. I almost couldnt finish it.
Molly. Awww.

Hump day tomorrow!!!!!!!!! After working 6 days last week I am beyond keen for Saturday and my lovely sleep in. Ahhhhhh.



Ive been nominated by the lovely Anna + Alvina from FEED ME NANA for a 'tell me about yourself award. I agree with them - these things are always so much fun to read :) And go check out their blog, its lovely!

I have to write 7 random things about myself and then spread the love to 15 other bloggers!

1. I remember really useless facts, dates and numbers and freak people out with this 'ability' often.
2. I love eating lemons with balsamic vinegar... YUM
3. I am really, really, really, really, REALLY obsessed with the Kardashians....... :|
as my Dad says, the 'Crackdashians'... haaahaaaaa
4. I use Twitter like therapy. Ive pretty much stopped updating on FB because I know no one really cares. On Twitter I love to put things out there and love that it doesnt matter if no one replies.
5. I really hope to meet Charlie Simpson and Fightstar one day.
6. I'm currently finalising the design for my next tattoo... just have to get the 'but what about when I'm 50' thoughts out of my head. Grrr.
7. I dont like Vogue magazine! AT ALL. Hahahahahahaha. I feel like I will never be a 'true fashionista' or some bull but Ive tried reading it and I find it painful... *shifty eyes*

I would like to pass this on to:

Woweee I actually had trouble narrowing that down!
I thought 15 was going to be hard! Ah I follow so many lovely blogs :)




The week in half instagram half not.
1. Sunset at my local beach
2,3,4. On Monday J and I went to Swansea, which is just south of Newcastle.
It was a nice place but kinda run down.
5. Lazy outfit post. Sportsgirl maxi and shoes, Forever New knit, random bracelets and Nordstrom Anorak.
6. Coconut Rough! Nom nom nom!
7. Charlies Lemonade. Best!

So glad the weekends here. Even though it was only a 4 day week it really dragged on.
I'm feeling a bit blah about everything lately. No idea why :( Anyone got any tips that they use to pull themselves out of a bit of a funk?

Happy Friday xxx