Today I treated myself to a couple of purchases. Totally justifiable because
1. I needed a new wallet and
2. I needed a sensible pair of black wedges that would go with everything - casual or dressy outfits.

I have heard bad things about Mimco's quality and customer service but I thought I'd give this wallet a go. It was 25% off, after all.
It has more card slots and money slots than I could use!
If anyone has any tips on how to keep it scuff/mark free please let me know.

Aaand these lovely sensible Tony Bianco 'Nasya' wedges.
So comfy and so practical.
I had the odd realisation this afternoon that they're the first pair of TB shoes I've ever bought.
I cant wait to wear them out tomorrow night :)

HAPPY FRIDAY! I cannot wait to Spring Clean the heck out of my room tomorrow.



In the last 2 days of our trip I....

Bought a new Cozzie - $89 down to $30

And popped Jez's Dreamworld cherry! Yay!

We jumped on Crocodiles

Tickled Tigers

And saw the Tiger show!

Also went on all the rides... except the Giant Drop. I KNOW I KNOW. How could we go to Dreamworld and not go on it? I am not keen on relying on that thing to stop. I convinced myself we'd end up like pancakes haha.

We waited an hour for Tower of Terror 2. Having been on Tower of Terror 1, I think ToT2 is much superior. MOST AMAZING RIDE EVER. I will go back just to go on that ride.

Here is a video for anyone who has NFI what I'm talking about...

You basically fly backwards at 160km/h (or something along those lines) up a pole 100m vertically. AWESOME RIGHT?!
It doesnt do it complete justice... the feeling of weightlessness when you get to the top and start to come back down is amazing.

Looooveeee! For anyone thats been on it, did you love it? Or hate it?



On Sunday J and I headed off to the Gold Coast for some good old Rest and Relaxation.
He had never been before and it was also our 18 month anniversary on the Monday so we thought it would be a lovely little get away :)

We stayed at Broadbeach, which is where I've always stayed when I went with my family.
I think if we ever go again we'll stay a bit further north, because we werent really near too many restaurants or bars. However Pacific Fair and the beach were only a 2 minute walk away!
We didnt spend much time at the beach because it was too windy. Why put up with being sand blasted when you can laze by the pool under palm trees?

I'm sad to say that on the first night this is all that was in our fridge...

We went and partied on Cavill Ave (new for me because I never did 'Schoolies')
It was ridiculously fun though. Another couple who we are friends with were staying at Surfers so we met up with them and did a bit of a club/pub/bar crawl. Excuse how drunk we all look, iPhone flashes ARE NOT flattering...


Looking out of the Spa 'Grotto' into the pool...

Monday night we headed out to celebrate our anniversary.
I wore my new by Johnny skirt and Nique singlet.
The high bun was my saviour throughout this holiday, although as you can see no amount of hairspray can hold down my dodgy bit. Grrrrr.

Mango Liquor, lime, mint and vodka for meee
and a Mojito for J

and $10-per-plate TAPAS. Ahhhh it was amazing.
Arancini balls, duck spring rolls, Szechwan calamari, prawn things (I cant remember as I dont like Prawns hahaha), spanish pastries
and chorizo skewers. We were in heaven.

The next day we went to Wet n Wild. It was J's first time. I took him on the Tornado first and he nearly died as he didnt know what to expect. Heehee.

Obligatory 'look I'm at Wet n Wild and I'm soooo happpyyyy' shots.

Channeling Pam Anderson. Ha

Frozen Coke could not be more perfect after a hard day of water slide madness.

We could not stop watching this ride. The riders were strapped in, in a lying down position, and then hoisted all the way to the top of the white pole in the background, then they let themselves go and flew through the air attached by cables. It was unbelievable!

Part 2 coming soon! Too many photos for one post :)