By chance I wondered into General Pants last Sunday morning... and it was like heaven.
Massive sale and everything was basically 50% off.

I picked up an RVCA singlet I've been eyeing off for ages, and also some super cute One Teaspoon shorts (to come in a future post...)

RVCA singlet
Lee shorts
Ignore my wound patches, I managed to burn myself with hot water on my hand and then burnt my thigh with my curling iron 2 days later. I am a massive klutz and when I'm tired it just gets worse haha. 
Oh well, I'll have some bas-ass scars.

Wore this on a casual date to Thai on Thursday night. It's funny, I seem to dress down a lot more now I live down here, where as back on the coast I would dress up? Makes no sense at all.



C H R I S T M A S 2 0 1 2

Christmas, for me, was a very short reprieve from the insanity of retail.
Love an 11 hour shift on Xmas eve.

I was so grateful to have the day to spend with my family, who I hadnt seen in a while, and also to just eat and veg out and not think. Hahaha. That's what it's all about, right?

 Whipped out my One Teaspoon dress for the occasion (told you I'd get a bit of wear out of it)
Wore it with my good old Sportsgirl necklace which I think is actually almost 2 years old now! Crazy. I dont usually wear costume jewellery for long.
 Borrowed my Mum's River Island denim jacket as I arrived unprepared for the awful cold weather we had. 

Had to get a snap with my lovely grandmother (the one I got my rib tattoo for).

Practical presents - I really needed some new sneakers and am SO stoked with these Nike Free Runs. They make running a whole lot more comfortable.

My Mum decided I needed some Dermalogica because as only mothers can she noticed I was 'breaking out'. Cheers Mum. Hahaha. She loves the daily microfoliant though so I'm keen to see if it makes a difference to my skin. I'm guessing laying off the chocolate and other naughty treats lying around this time of year might also help my skin... haha. 

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! What did Santa bring you?




This year has been INSANE. 

(Warning: Self involved post ahead, re-cap of 2012)

I never, ever, ever in a million years thought my year would end the way it has. 

In so many ways I wish it had ended the way I thought it was going to. In NYC, with J, happy as anything, still living on the Central Coast and working just outside Sydney.

But, how things change.

I wouldnt change my decision to move to Sydney for anything.
I still look out my window and see my view of North Sydney and think "I live here. I actually live here." It's amazing how easily I slipped into life out of home. It's never once felt weird. All I can think is it definitely must have been time for me to move. It was eating me up and making me very depressed living where I was. Believe me I know it wasnt even that bad of a location, but I think I craved being in Sydney more than I even realised. The opportunities this has opened up has been amazing. I can now work in the Flagship store of the company I work for, which I couldnt have done living where I was. Its an awesome opportunity.

I am still struggling with being single... haha. I dont enjoy it and I think I am a relationship person, which I am trying to tell myself is fine. It has been an eye opener though, I'm learning things about myself which I spose is what youre supposed to do while single - get to know yourself. I've always known I need alone time in a pretty major way. If I cant escape to just be by myself and have a little quiet time I go crazy. But I've also learnt that being alone too much can have a similar effect. I am a weirdo. Hahaha. E has been such a life saver, I come home and tell her all the inane ridiculous crap I would normally tell a bf and she just cops it like a champion hahaha. 

I also have learnt that dating can be a nightmare and I 100% do not enjoy the uncertainty and mind games. Tell me there are others out there that feel like this!? I honestly feel like I need to write some Carrie Bradshaw type blog about it all. Its cray cray. No more straight-forward I like you, you like me, lets get together. Its all complicated and strange. Needless to say SATC has been my bible of late hahaha.

I spose that is Sydney life for you!

12 Experiences From 2012
1. Moving out of home is awesome.
2. It is also more expensive then I thought, I wish I could live on cuppa soup and 2 minute noodles.
3. I will never ever get a blunt fringe again. The day I can part my hair in the middle again I think I'll cry with happiness.
4. Breaking up with someone who you dont hate is really, really hard.
5. Dating is really, really hard
6. Boyfriend jeans are really flattering.
8. Being single while your bestie is single is the bomb, we've bonded so much over the last few months.
9. Moving in with E, who I've known my whole life, was probably the best decision ever.
10. I still love leopard print.
11. While being single is scary I'm really getting to know myself. Which is good. Cuz hopefully whatever relationship I end up in next will be bigger and better than any before.
12. Not having my parents around has been a struggle but also really good. I never realised how much I relied on them for all that 'adult' stuff before. Yay responsibility... ha.

I know I'll find my way in this crazy city. It's exciting to see what 2013 will bring. 
Right now I'm just hoping for more laughs and new friends. 
Merry Xmas lovelies! 


H O M E B A K E 2 0 1 2

Last weekend J and I hit up Homebake, as she had scored some free tickets. I've never been to Homebake before... and to be honest didnt even know it was on this year. I love the idea of an all Aussie festival though (even though Blondie was on the line up this year).

It was perfect weather and a fun day. Have to say it had a very different vibe to other festivals I've been to. Way more chilled.

I wore a new One Teaspoon dress I bought recently. It was a bit of an impulse thing but I know I'll get tonnes of wear out of it. 

Le Specs sunnies
Dotti clutch/bag
Line hat from General Pants Co
Zomp sandals

Hilltop Hoods were the highlight of my day. Ive seen them live a few times and they always get the crowd pumping. 

Whats your fave festival? Do you enjoy them?
I really want to go to Soundwave next!



A couple of weeks back J and I went on our random 3-day Byron adventure. It was mostly to celebrate her finishing uni, and the fact that we had never been away together! Which is weird cuz we've been friends for almost 20 years. God. Thats scary. Haha.

We drank, shopped, went to the beach, gossiped, relaxed and danced.
It was a great girly getaway.

Byron Farmers Markets (On every Thursday)/Ciders at Beach Hotel/Awkward outfit posing

We walked to Wategos, taking in the amazing views along the way... the weather was perfection!

Fish tacos on the beach/My new sneaky tattoo/Gorgeous J

I absolutely love Byron. Keen to go up again when its not schoolies (we completely overlooked that when we booked back in September - woops).

Happy Monday!



So J and I went to the filming of Gruen Planet last night, and totally randomly ran into Michaela from Where Is My Mind? 

I have never actually met a blog/instagram/twitter/interwebs person in real life so it was seriously CRAY CRAY but also the coolest thing ever! She was so lovely and friendly! I cant even imagine what it would be like to meet other fellow bloggers - hearing them speak and seeing them move? Hahaha its so weird! The internet is such a crazy thing, but so cool.

Anyway I'm rambling like a freak.

It was so nice meeting you Michaela! :D


OOOH P.S - I bought the Wang :))) YAY



Once again we're dealing with the big issues here on TeacupG.

To Wang, or MBMJ?

I want to buy myself a little present to begin this crazy time in my life.
But I dont know what to choose.

Ive narrowed it down to this:


Why I want it: 
I dont own any Wang. It's perfect for nights out/casual drinks/times when I dont want to take my hand bag


Why I want this one:
I like the way it opens right up and the placing of the card slots.

Also that it's a tad cheaper.

Ahhhhh what to do. Which one do you like?




I got some fun new Vans.

Nordstrom anorak - Agent 99 muscle tee - Subtitled catwoman pants - Vans

Which I wore to the French Markets on Saturday with my mum and grandma before driving to Sydney to paaaaaaartay. 

Yay car selfies.

I'm still loving this Sportsgirl necklace. I have some new purchases I must share.

In other news I might be moving to Sydney as soon as the 22nd of this month. Freaking. Out.

Hope you are all well 



On Thursday, I did the 'cliche' break up thing and got a hair cut. 

Hello fringe. (my instagram followers have seen all this, sorrrrryyy)
I'm actually hating the length and cant wait for it to grow about a cm. I feel like its a bit awkward at the moment. Also taking a bit of getting used to!

I bought some fakey Marants from Sportsgirl because I've been wanting some for about 200000000 years and I will never be able to afford the real ones in these current hard times. Ha. They are amazing and I love them and I'm trying to ignore my guilt about them being fake.

I paired them with my ever faithful Subtitled Catwoman leather pants and Nordstrom Anorak.
Also new silver tank from Sportsgirl.

And off I headed to the baby shower of my old manager. (First ever baby shower! I guess its getting to that time in life haha)

Today I took J out to lunch for his birthday, it was really good. I'm glad things arent bitter.
I have also been enjoying the sunshine a little too much - hello burnt legs. Woops.

MY OTHER NEWS (which instgram and twitter followers would know)
Is that I am in the process of hopefully moving out. I have a friend who needs 2 room mates in Neutral Bay, and so I'm applying for a room. I got a little excited and announced it to the world last week before realising I actually have to be approved. Hopefully it'll be ok... but seeing as I only work part time I'm a tad worried. I really need this though - it's what Ive wanted for so long!





THANK YOU for your kind words on my last post. It means a lot that you guys out there on the interwebs care. So thank you. I am excited to share the next chapter of my life on here! (Gee its going to be interesting to read back over this blog one day... haha)

Last weekend I made the spontaneous decision to head to Sydney to stay at my friend L's. It was literally 4:30pm, I had texted him saying that I would like to go to the Winery next time I'm down, his reply "Why dont you come down now?" Hahaha. So on the train I hopped! L, his friend J and I went on a bit of an epic bar/club crawl. It was so good! 

L being a diva. Hahaha.

My outfit - Neon Hart blouse, Catwoman leather pants, Target heels, Sportsgirl cuff, MK watch

First stop 'Awkward' in Kings Cross (amazing - loved it!)
We then went to The Village, The Winery, Stonewall and Kinsellas... where I saw my first drag shows and LOVED them hahaha. Amazing. 

The next morning after everyone de-seedied themselves we went to pick up the lovely Randwick J and went to Bronte for brekky.

Witchery tee, Catwoman pants, Sass & Bide charity necklace, MK watch

I busted out my Witchery neon tee that I've had for months and never worn (yay warmer weather!).

Also tried to do a colour clash/pop colour/whateveryouwanttocallit thang with my Chi Chi lipstick. 

Yum. Everyone else had eggs benny, which was underwhelming apparently, so I was stoked with my chorizo scramble. Mmm.

 Haha. Caught mid-pose.

Of course we had to head to Bondi for pastries and people watching.
Honestly one of the most perfect Sundays I've ever had.





I have been absent for nearly a month I think... Woops.

I have a lot to tell. I dont really know where to begin.

After some long hard thinking and crying and more thinking and more crying, J and I split up.
It's very sad :(((

But I just think we are at different stages in life. He truly is the most wonderful person and I love him to death but I knew it was just not going to be. I could feel it in my bones.

I have no idea what will happen with our NYC/NYE trip. I'm hopeful I'll be able to use the flights later in the year. We'll see. Thats the first thing on my list - get to the travel agent! (If any one is a travel agent feel free to impart some knowledge - I would be so grateful!).

New Chapter!

Um. So. I have so many damn posts to catch up on. I have been spending a lot of time in Sydney at the moment as that is where my 2 closest friends are. I dont really have many friends left on the coast which is kind of scary! Everyones bailed overseas or to Sydney. Wah. So that's looking like the next step. I am really going to push to move to Syd. I go down there and DO NOT want to come home. I love it so much.

The biggest thing (besides all the above) that has happened in the last little while is I got my third tattoo.

It is on my ribs and is the biggest one I have and REALLY, REALLY, REALLY HURT. Hahaha.

Its sort of a tribute to my Granma. She is still alive haha. But she wrote this on my birthday card this year and as I've always wanted a tat related to her and because it was such a beautiful quote I decided I would get it done. I love it so much.

I think I might leave it at that for now. More updates soon. 




So seeing as I'm hanging out for Summer, what better to do than throw together a polyvore?
I've already got a list of items on my phone that I want for my Summer wardrobe. I've already got a neon tee from Witchery (yay!). I've noticed I've gone from being very much a skirt and dress girl to a pant and shorts girl in the last year. Weird. I need to find the perfect pair of leather shorts and the perfect pair of distressed black and blue denim shorts for this Summer. I lived in my leopard print pair last year! I also want plenty of sleeveless collared blouses and singlets. 

What are your Summer must haves this time round?



A couple of weeks ago I was doing some googling and found a whole bunch of 'raw brownie' recipes.
I was really intrigued as given my current digestive goings on, brownies are definitely not on the list of foods I should be eating. 

I got my recipe from here. My New Roots is an awesome blog, so have a read if you're inclined towards raw eating or just healthy eating in general.

I added a little coconut and prunes as well as the dates, almonds and walnuts. Probably the best tasting and most quick and easy thing I've ever made. They're still quite calorific and have quite a bit of sugar, but they for sure squashed any baked-good cravings I had and I figure they're not going to kill me if I just make them every now and then. I absolutely love that everything in them is natural! 

I'm off to the Blue Mountains tomorrow for a random 1 night getaway (3 day weekend, woo!). I really want to get back to regular posting. I honestly have no motivation to do outfits posts though. Weird. I have new things to share too! I think I'm just too busy hanging out for Summer. I am so sick of Winter fashion and given that I work in creative retail my whole head space is consumed with Summer fashion/looks/trends at the moment. Give me back brights and shorts, singlets, sandals and tee's! (In about February you will hear my whinging that I want Winter fashion back... :/ happens every year hahaha). 

Is anyone else dying for Summer? 




Saturday night J and I went to our favourite restaurant on the coast. It's Vietnamese, great service, great prices and amazing food. We got rice paper rolls, chilli salted soft shell crab and noodles. I had the mixed noodles (above). So so so good.

Today we went for yet another bush run/walk (we're trying to exercise outside a little more). It was a track we'd never been on and it turned out to be a great little hike.

Then we headed to the movies to see Batman. Nanananananaaaa Batman!

Rodger David shirt - JJ leather jacket - Glassons leggings - My own bed  hair. Haaa

I swiped one of J's denim shirts that no longer fit him. I think I'm going to keep it. Heeheeeeeee.

Wheeeee! I thought the movie was great but I was nearly peeing myself in excitement when I saw the preview for Taken 2!!! AHHHHH seriously love Liam Neeson he is my favourite ever. Especially when he played Qui Gon Jinn in Star Wars hahaha. I was so sad when he got cut in half by Darth Maul (anyone else like Star Wars..? Haha) 

Hope everyone has had a radical weekend. I have to work in the city 3 days this week. Eeep. 
Going to be exhausted by Friday!