On Saturday night we went to J's friends birthday party. It was held at the friend's brother's house about an hour from where we live.

Outfit: Bardot Jacket / Nique Singlet /
Subtitled Leather Pants / Miss Shop Boots/
Mk Watch / Diva bracelets

I bought these on Saturday in the 30% off sale at Myer. They were a great bargain! 

When we got to the property it was dark and they had a bonfire going. Boy was it chilly up there!

There were complicated drinking games played...

It involved a lot of running and sculling of drinks. I was Sober Sally the Deso Driver so I looked on and took photos.

There was also some snake handling. Everyone had more courage than usual thanks to the alcohol running through their veins so we all had a hold. 

I bravely held it even though I was sober and I freaked out because for some reason everyone crowded around me when I was holding the snake... but I think I was more anxious than it was. Eeep.
Fun times! :| :| :|

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine went way too fast! 

I have another new pair of shoes to show you all soon :)
(I must stop spending... :\ )




Just a quick post about last weekend. It was very low-key!
On Sunday I headed down to the markets. I wore my felt hat and was feeling very Sienna Miller... Hahaha.

Then in the afternoon headed to J's house to celebrate his brothers 30th birthday with a small gathering of his friends. There was cob bread and home made sausage rolls and cheesecake and pavlova. I was in food heaven. Oh and of course there was cider! (clearly the drink of the moment. I wonder why?)

Leather pants. Yay.

Behold the Pav. It was massive. 

We finished off the afternoon with a walk around J's friends property where they rent a house. We all agreed we needed to walk off the food.

They led us through a bush track and we came out on a cliff that looked down to that! It was pretty breath taking.


I spotted this lovely jacket on instagram this week. 

The part that sealed the deal for me was this:
"washed cotton & leather parka jacket with detachable lower half & hood. can be worn as a full length parka or as a cropped military jacket."

Love a multitasking item of clothing!
Too bad I don't have $490. Sigh.

Have lovely weekends everyone!



Well it appears blogger has changed and now photos upload in order, so this post will be backwards! Haha. 

On Saturday it was mine and J's 23 month anniversary (we celebrate every month in a small way haha)
We went to an AMAZING Vietnamese restaurant called Sapa. 
I was stinging for some Soft Shelled Crab. IT IS DELICIOUS.

Obligatory rice paper rolls and duck salad! Mmm

I wore my leather pants. Yay. Theyre all kinds of amazing.

Nordstrom Anorak / Dangerfield singlet / Subtitled leather pants / MK watch / T&Co bracelet /
Sportsgirl boots

Arm/ hand party 

On Saturday I went shopping with Mum. I just wore my trusty black dress, combined with the usual silver jewellery!

Has anyone been watching The Voice? I am absolutely hooked! Loving the competition between the judges, and how seriously Seal is taking it! He's kind of mesmerising... haha.

Yay Friday tomorrow. I am so ready for sleep-ins on Saturday, this weather has been horrendous to wake up to!




Hello everyone! How sad the long weekend is over... luckily its only 3 days til the weekend. Oh yeahhh.

My long weekend went a little something like this...

Friday night was homemade pizza night with rekorderlig and pizza-ry deliciousness.

I hoofed to to Sydney on Saturday (with all the cray cray Easter Show people and Races people!!! Ahhh!) to go to the Harry Potter exhibition with J-from-Randwick

We had dumplings in China Town after and then went to Pitt St for some window shopping.
I did not spend a cent! Except for on Starbucks. Starbucks is a given when I'm in the city!
Here we are being silly in Sportsgirl. (btw I would live in the Pitt st SG store if I could).

J (boyfriend J) gave me some Egg n Spoon for Easter.
I was kinda underwhelmed by them :((( still tasty though!

On Monday we went to the beach. No better way to have spent what was a lovely day.

I wore my new hat from a random accessory shop in Chatty whose name has escaped me.
I love it though, I think it'll be firmly on my head most of this Winter.
Wearing Mika & Gala dress + Insight bikini.

Amazeballs weather.

Then I requested some of J's salmon and herb butter for dinner. Mmmmmmm
On a bed of sweet potato mash too.
So, so good!

I had today off also, and I have done absolutely nothing. It has been amazing.
Best thing about this week, going back to work on hump day!




This is from last Sunday, which J and I spent eating french toast and then fishing.
We caught so many different types of fish in the one spot, it was crazy!
(None of them really big enough to keep though).

My little fisherman pal.

I've been living in this dress again lately. Its just so damn easy to throw on.
I've also recently discovered that I can wear a the strap from my oversized Sportsgirl clutch as a belt. Ha! I love making discoveries like this!

Dress, rings and 'Belt' - Sportsgirl / Watch - Michael Kors.

It's a year yesterday since J and I left on our American adventure. I actually felt anxious and very sad yesterday. All I wanted to do was hop on a plane back to LA. I'm really glad we've booked this next trip. Only 263 days to go... Haha :|


I shall be doing a bumper Easter post after this weekend is over :)
Hope everyones indulging in ridiculous amounts of chocolate.




On Saturday J and I attended his long time friends wedding. It was a nice low key wedding (my first ever church wedding too), with the most perfect weather!

I went a little fuchsia crazy!
Lovisa necklace / Target dress (from 4 years ago) / Tony Bianco heels / Sportsgirl clutch

J looking like the most awkward human ever.
He has the best smile (obviously I'm biased but I swear he does!) and it's so hard to make him smile properly. Pfft, men. Any one elses boyfriends like that? Haha.

Gorgeous Livvy! It was her cousin getting married, however we used to work together so were already pals! I tell you, this place I live in is too small.

View of Terrigal from the reception.

I have lost my camera cable AGAIN... so there are no more photos for now.
Pathetic I know!!! I'm hopeless. I'm really hoping it turns up soon :(((

In other news, I have 5 days off this weekend! Wooooooohoo. Love having time in lieu!
Also love that we all get 4 days off, its extremely exciting. When I asked my manager if I could take my time in lieu attached to the public holidays her reply was 'When else does this happen? You may as well take advantage of it!' Ha. Best.

Hope everyone is fine and daaaaaaandy!