Hello! A little post about Sunday and today (which I had off... ahhh love me a 3 day weekend).

I'm still loving my vest sick. Truly I want to throw it over everything.

J and I went to our fave store... K Mart. I got some fluffy bogan slippers and a burgandy scarf. SO CHEAP. Ahhh K Mart I love you.

I also got some burgandy jeans from Cotton On. Yay.
I think I have mentioned I'm not a big pants person (that so doesnt sound right... you know what I mean!) But between my leather pants and these jeans I think I shall be turned into a pants person by the end of winter.

This morning I made J some banana and white choc pancakes. Mmm.

And wore my new jeans! Oh yah

Hello flattering angle, I will remember you and use you always!
Could be the dark coloured bottoms? Its all an optical illusion!

We went to Terrigal for a coffee to enjoy the lovely afternoon

and to take sneaky outfit shots!
Sportsgirl knit, necklace and shoes, Cotton On jeans, MBMJ bag, and my own awkward pose... hahaha



I finally got me a fur vest. I had been bidding on a Shona Joy one on eBay, but lost, so I trotted off to Cotton On to pick up this baby for a mere $50.

I am head over heels in love. I have built up quite a number of photos of various ladies in fur vests, and I'm really excited to try out a few of the looks.

I already wore it last night layered over my Bardot jacket. Such warmth!
(ignore the pose... I was trying to get a 'moon tan'??? :| )

Here is some of my inspiration...

LOVE the idea of wearing it over a leather jacket

Why is Olivia Palermo always so damn flawless?!

Is anyone else in love with (faux) fur? Specifically vests? I think they're such an awesome way to spice up an outfit




I had Wed/Thur/Fri off last week to spend a little time with J while he's on 2 weeks leave.
On Friday we went for a bushwalk/hike/mission up a mountain about 5 mins walk from where J lives. He said he used to go riding his bike up it when he was younger, so I thought it would be cool to go for a little explore.

About a third of the way up the track. In the far distance is Terrigal.

(It's not that far away but the camera makes it look small)

After about 20 mins walking he found the 'big rocks'. Apparently J and his friends used to climb all over them 

Someone (or maybe aliens... ooooooo.Ooo) had made this nice pile of rocks on top of another rock. 

My favourite part was the water tank, which had graffiti all around the base. I love graffiti (GOOD graffiti, when done in places where its not offending anyone). I spent ages looking at all the different tags. 


On Saturday we ventured to Sydney with my mum for Yum Cha with my grandma and uncle.

Oh yes!!!

We tried these sesame pancakes (that my mum and grandmother have never seen before, which was weird considering theyre yum cha veterans. I didnt like them because I dont like that overwhelming sesame taste but mum loved them. Another dish to add to the Yum Cha list!

silly yum cha shots 

Haaaaaa say 'dim sims!'

Then we visited the MCA.
It was coooooooool.

 My fave. It reminded me of the Mighty Boosh. Bright, cheerful and random.

I tried to slyly take an outfit photo. Baaa fail.
I am wearing my Bardot jacket, Subtitled leather pants, Nique singlet and Isa-fake Marants. All seen previously on here! (if anyone cares...)

We also saw a part of the 24 hour movie made about time. It was amazing! All different bits of movies cut together to make one big movie that goes for 24 hours and actually runs exactly to the real time. 
Could have sat there for a day and watched the whole thing.

Awww, tourists!

Back to work tomorrow. Boohoo.
Hope everyone had a good weekend though.

Is it weird I missed the routine of working? Haha :| :| :|



J and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary on Monday, so yesterday we had a little celebration.
We headed off to the shops for ingredients for dinner.

Sportsgirl jumper - Nique singlet - Topshop leather skirt - Sportsgirl studded flats - ASOS scarf

I rugged up in J's ASOS scarf. 

Shades of grey

BY THE WAY, has anyone read those books!?
I'm up to the second one, Fifty Shades Darker. They are full on and intense but the way the 2 main characters interact is really interesting. There's also a bit of thrill and mystery in there too. I'm enjoying them.

Anywho. We didnt do gifts this time around. Too busy saving for New York New Year. But I did request J to make me a meal. 

Please excuse how unappetising this looks. These were chicken, leek and potato pies. THEY WERE SO GOOD (but so simple!), I don't know how he does it. 

He also cooked up a Sticky Date Pudding and Butterscotch sauce. 
Honestly best SDP I have ever had. I know I'm biased but still... haha.

We also decided to pop the Veuve I was given last year.

Um. I thought it tasted like any old cheap champagne... clearly I have no class. Am I missing something?

And this here is the proof of my lack of class. I turned the 'ice bucket' from the box into a fancy hat.
Yep, 22 going on 12.

Hope you're all having a lovely week.



Today was the day my brother decided to hurl himself from a plane.
So off we went to the Hunter Valley. 

Snippets of outfit. Yes I caved and bought the Isabel Marant fakes from Rubi for $25. Theyre so comfy!
Grandmothers jacket/cardigan / Imprint top / Subtitled leather pants / Diva, T&Co bracelets and Michael Kors watch / Rubi shoes 
Getting ready for take off! I took pics of him landing but my stupid camera battery died! Wah. It was crazy watching the sky divers all appear through the clouds. I dont think I could ever do it, I'm very happy with my feet on the ground, but he absolutely loved it. The other guy that was doing it had only been told by his girlfriend about 5 minutes before they pulled up! His gf pretended they were going to a birthday brekky. What an insane birthday surprise that would have been! "Hey babe, so, we're not really going to brekky, you're actually jumping out of a plane..."
:| :| :|
I. Would. Die.

After all that fun and excitement we went to Potters Brewery for a quick bite to eat.
Nommy chicken caesar salad and lemon lime bitters. Mmm.

That was my Saturday! Think I'm going to do some baking tonight. And experimenting!
Kind of excited. I must be getting old.
Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend so far