This week I...

Tried new snacks (This one was weird. I thought carob didnt have milk in it though. Woops)

Went to dinner with J to one of our absolute favourite restaurants. Lemon and Lime tart. Mmm.

Headed to J's (randwick J) for a night out with her. I had this outfit on but it was freaking cold so i ditched the vest and wore my Lee jumper. Brrr. Regretted that after I busted moves on the dance floor though. Dressing for going out in winter is so hard!

Went to El Loco for cheapy cheap cheap tacos (with the rest of the under-30's in Sydney. Seriously. PLACE WAS PACKED. Like festival/nightclub packed. Cray cray.

Circular Quay on route to Bar100

Where the bar tender tried to light shots on fire.

Um. I dont even know what to say about this. The shiz you see on George st in Sydney at 2am...

Omelettes the morning after. SUCH A GOOD OMELETTE. NOM.

Attempting to rug up in leather pants, scarf and leather jacket and failing. 

Omelette again made by J (my J. Haha) . Mmm.

And salad sandwiches on yeast free bread. Bread has a really odd texture. Tastes ok though.

Hope everyone has had a delightful weekend. So glad we finally got one day of sun to enjoy!

Now to tackle the week head on... Eeep. 




Ahhh, what an amazing day today has been for doing nothing...

...doing nothing OR buying a leather jacket at an amazing discount.
I ended up cancelling my lay by-ed T by Bettina Liano (faux) leather jacket and purchased this Just Jeans real leather jacket for the grand sum of $96. I saved myself $54 and got a REAL leather jacket instead, which is super exciting because I've never owned a real leather jacket. And it's even more Rick Owens inspired than the Bettina one. WIN. I've done my winter shopping now. I'm really happy with my wardrobe and think it's time I stopped. 

I am also very much on track with my savings for the USA (after a bit of a panic). So it's a win all round.

Still loving my Cotton On burgandy jeans sick. I didnt think they'd look very good with my Lee jumper but, hooray, they do.

Bargain Lipstik boots from DJ's purchased last week. I wasnt going to jump on the 'Pistol' band wagon because I never thought the style would suit my legs, but to my surprise, they actually look pretty good.

Winter shopping is definitely DONE.





I had to get that out of my system, sorry.
I love long weekends because I can do nothing on Saturday and not feel guilty about it, because there's 2 days left for activities!!! 

The outfit I wore for dear Mumma's birthday dinner last night...

NEW NEW NEW Lee jumper! I waited patiently for it to go on sale at DJ's and got it half price. WIN.
ever faithful Subtitiled Catwoman leather pants / Miss Shop boots / Lovisa + Sportsgirl necklaces.
(dishevelled, birsds-nest hair courtesy of bad weather and copious amounts of hair spray leading to a straw like texture...)
I had actually tried on the jumper in General Pants and absolutely adored it, but got the leather pants instead. I am so happy I finally own them both. 

The gold thread through the jumper. I am obsessed with any clothing that is slightly sparkly ^_^

I also feel that I must let everyone know about the amazing-ness that is Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner.

Here is 6 of the liquid eyeliners I have been through in the 3 years I've been wearing liquid eyeliner.

Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner
Maybelline Line Definer
Loreal Telescopic
BYS Eyeliner
Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner
Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner

In same order as above:
Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner (Thin shaped tapered felt tip)
Maybelline Line Definer (Has a thicker, pen shaped felt tip)
Loreal Telescopic (angled, hard small tip)
BYS Eyeliner (softer felt tip)
Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner (Softer felt tip)
Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner (small brush used that comes with pot)

This is the Master Precise tip.
So easy to apply and get a really awesome thin, perfect line.
This is the only eyeliner I've used that doesn't smudge or fade. I can wash my face/eyes in the shower and then get out, look in the mirror and it's still on. I've woken up in the morning after not washing my make-up off (usually after a night out, haha), and it's still on PERFECTLY. Literally amazing. Haha. My next fave is the gel liner, but I find it smudges on my brow bone.

So if anyone is looking for a great liquid liner, I highly recommend it.
(ps this is not endorsed or anything, just wanted to share my findings!)

I really wanted to do a video for this review but I just hate the sound of my own voice.
That and I'm a bit weird/shy. Hahaha.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday! 



Hello everyone! This weekend seems to have flown by far quickly than most others. 
The main event of the weekend was my Dad's 50th Birthday Party which he shared with his best mate.

We spent most of Saturday setting up.
Balloons, helium, ribbon and decorations were everywhere.
We did everything DIY, even the balloon weights (!!!) haha. It was really fun though.

Pictures on the table, my dad is on the left and his best mate is on the right. For some reason in majority of the pics none of them had shirts on. Must've been a thing in the 80's...
 One of their mates made photo boards and printed different old school pics of them to be put on each table for people to laugh at and take home as a little memento of the night.

Not going to lie, I was pretty proud of myself with the outfit I wore. I didnt buy anything new (this is a huge deal for me, usually every occasion is an excuse for something new!)

Forever New blazer, By Johnny skirt, ASOS top, Jeffrey Campbell heels, Sportsgirl necklace and ring, Michael Kors watch

After the band came in and set up. Dad's old band got back together for the night (Gravytrain...haha. He was on drums and his best mate on vocals). While the main act for the night was their friends band, Supernova.

Speeches, much to the guys' disappointment haha.

It was such a great night, the minute Dad's old band got up for their set 90% of the crowd was on the D-floor going for it. Sad it's over now, I had been looking forward to it for months!

Today J and i recovered by rugging up, drinking coffee and sampling macrons from the new French Patisserie that's opened near us!
Forever New knit, Subtitled leather pants, SG scarf and MK watch, China Glaze light as air

YUM. The chocolate and white choc ones were the best. We're now keen to head to Balmain in the near future to try some of Adirano Zumbo's macrons (macroons??? :|) Hopefully we can go this weekend... yay long weekend!