Saturday night J and I went to our favourite restaurant on the coast. It's Vietnamese, great service, great prices and amazing food. We got rice paper rolls, chilli salted soft shell crab and noodles. I had the mixed noodles (above). So so so good.

Today we went for yet another bush run/walk (we're trying to exercise outside a little more). It was a track we'd never been on and it turned out to be a great little hike.

Then we headed to the movies to see Batman. Nanananananaaaa Batman!

Rodger David shirt - JJ leather jacket - Glassons leggings - My own bed  hair. Haaa

I swiped one of J's denim shirts that no longer fit him. I think I'm going to keep it. Heeheeeeeee.

Wheeeee! I thought the movie was great but I was nearly peeing myself in excitement when I saw the preview for Taken 2!!! AHHHHH seriously love Liam Neeson he is my favourite ever. Especially when he played Qui Gon Jinn in Star Wars hahaha. I was so sad when he got cut in half by Darth Maul (anyone else like Star Wars..? Haha) 

Hope everyone has had a radical weekend. I have to work in the city 3 days this week. Eeep. 
Going to be exhausted by Friday!




Can't believe how fast this week is flying by... actually cant believe how fast this month is flying by!
Its only 161 days til America. Haha. Not that I'm counting...

 J surprised me with a random eBay purchase lat week - a $1.50 candy skull ring. Haha.
I think it's kind of cute.

Just Jeans leather jacket - Lee Jumper - Unknown Shirt - Glassons Leggings - Lipstik Boots - Lovisa Necklace - Rimmel Limealicious Nailpolish

On Sunday night we went to dinner with some of J's friends. I threw on multiple layers for warmth.

Free Fusion Jumper - Kenji Coat

I threw basically the same thing on for dinner last night with some friends. BUT with my new Kenji coat over the top, that was $120 > $70 then a further 40% off. I was so stoked at the register!
It's perfect for America as it's got a bit of room for layering. The other coats I own are tight with just one layer underneath. It's got leather detailing over the pockets and around the wrists. It's also a great length and wool. Win.

Can you tell I'm stuck in a rut outfit wise? Haha I promise I'll start being more creative!




Just a quick post of an outfit I wore last night to do some late night shopping. Literally threw it on.
Feel like I'm channeling Kourtney K with the bun and blouse under a knit look.
So so so in love with my new necklace from Lovisa.

Blouse - Unknown/ Knit - Free Fusion @ Target (old)/ Pants/Leggings - Glassons/ Necklace - Lovisa
Loafers - Sportsgirl

Still in a bit of a blogging funk but I am trying. 

HAS ANYONE ELSE STARTED BUYING SUMMER CLOTHES? I'm terrible, I cant stop thinking about shorts and singlets and sandals!!!

I am so so so excited for new seaon at work...probably why I cant stop thinking about summer fashion. Finally clearance is just about finished and we can make the store pretty again. YAY. Haha. 

I am LOVING being healthy and exercising more. I just feel happier a lot of the time :DDD (who would have thought haha). I can be a bit of a cranky pants - read: permanent case of bitch face. I know. I sound like a tonne of fun :| I blame the 1.5 hour commute to work every day. Ha. So this is a good improvement! ^_^ Oh Oh Oh and the pimples all over my forehead are GOOOONEEEE YAYAYAYAYAYAY.

Hope everyone is well and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



Hello peeps. I've been taking a little break from the blog-o-sphere. I kind of lost my mojo. 
I feel a bit 'blah' about my blog. Anywho, I've been working on another tumblr, IN-IT-2FIT-IT, to motivate me to eat right (helpful as I've currently cut out yeast, dairy (I havent eaten most dairy for 5 years but used to eat bits here and there and deal with the consequences - no more!), and majority of sugar (substituting with natvia, and I also still have a bit of fruit now and then and a caramel latte once a week), due to digestive problems. I'm also just trying to shift a bit of flab that's been hanging around. I've always worked out and eaten fairly well but I used to eat so much damn sugar before it was cray cray! (try settling in with about 7 or so favourites after dinner and thinking that was 'ok') I definitely lived in denial. SO. If anyones into tumblr and 'fitblr's and that kind of thang then pop on over and say hi!

I havent been up to much these past couple of weeks. Truthfully I've been doing butt loads of research and becoming very enlightened. I also never knew what an inspiration tumblr could be... as well as a damn scary place! There are some blogs on there that are very, very sad. Thinspo is not a good thing.

J surprised me a couple of weeks back with a ring from BABY ANYTHING. I cannot even say how appreciative I was, I had looked longing at Lucy's rings for AGES and never thought I'd own one. He totally surprised me, and he didnt even realise I loved the jewellery so much. 

I found a dupe of 'Do it on 'em' by OPI in Rimmel's 'Limealicious.' Brilliant.

Still loving my Lee Jumper and JJ Leather Jacket. Also purchsed a pair of Glasson's leggings/pants (they say they're 'fitted pants' however you will not catch me wearing them as such) with some eBay money (yay for making money on eBay, I've gone a bit mad on there recently). They're SO comfy and SO thick and SO perfect.

J and I headed up to a look out near by today. Mostly so I could take photos and he could check the surf. Win-win, really.

Mum was in the city over the weekend and was talking about OPI so I quickly said 'Get 'In My Back Pocket!!!' and ta daaahhhhh...!

Yay. This is my favourite orange ever.

Hope everyone is well and keeping warm!