THANK YOU for your kind words on my last post. It means a lot that you guys out there on the interwebs care. So thank you. I am excited to share the next chapter of my life on here! (Gee its going to be interesting to read back over this blog one day... haha)

Last weekend I made the spontaneous decision to head to Sydney to stay at my friend L's. It was literally 4:30pm, I had texted him saying that I would like to go to the Winery next time I'm down, his reply "Why dont you come down now?" Hahaha. So on the train I hopped! L, his friend J and I went on a bit of an epic bar/club crawl. It was so good! 

L being a diva. Hahaha.

My outfit - Neon Hart blouse, Catwoman leather pants, Target heels, Sportsgirl cuff, MK watch

First stop 'Awkward' in Kings Cross (amazing - loved it!)
We then went to The Village, The Winery, Stonewall and Kinsellas... where I saw my first drag shows and LOVED them hahaha. Amazing. 

The next morning after everyone de-seedied themselves we went to pick up the lovely Randwick J and went to Bronte for brekky.

Witchery tee, Catwoman pants, Sass & Bide charity necklace, MK watch

I busted out my Witchery neon tee that I've had for months and never worn (yay warmer weather!).

Also tried to do a colour clash/pop colour/whateveryouwanttocallit thang with my Chi Chi lipstick. 

Yum. Everyone else had eggs benny, which was underwhelming apparently, so I was stoked with my chorizo scramble. Mmm.

 Haha. Caught mid-pose.

Of course we had to head to Bondi for pastries and people watching.
Honestly one of the most perfect Sundays I've ever had.





I have been absent for nearly a month I think... Woops.

I have a lot to tell. I dont really know where to begin.

After some long hard thinking and crying and more thinking and more crying, J and I split up.
It's very sad :(((

But I just think we are at different stages in life. He truly is the most wonderful person and I love him to death but I knew it was just not going to be. I could feel it in my bones.

I have no idea what will happen with our NYC/NYE trip. I'm hopeful I'll be able to use the flights later in the year. We'll see. Thats the first thing on my list - get to the travel agent! (If any one is a travel agent feel free to impart some knowledge - I would be so grateful!).

New Chapter!

Um. So. I have so many damn posts to catch up on. I have been spending a lot of time in Sydney at the moment as that is where my 2 closest friends are. I dont really have many friends left on the coast which is kind of scary! Everyones bailed overseas or to Sydney. Wah. So that's looking like the next step. I am really going to push to move to Syd. I go down there and DO NOT want to come home. I love it so much.

The biggest thing (besides all the above) that has happened in the last little while is I got my third tattoo.

It is on my ribs and is the biggest one I have and REALLY, REALLY, REALLY HURT. Hahaha.

Its sort of a tribute to my Granma. She is still alive haha. But she wrote this on my birthday card this year and as I've always wanted a tat related to her and because it was such a beautiful quote I decided I would get it done. I love it so much.

I think I might leave it at that for now. More updates soon. 




So seeing as I'm hanging out for Summer, what better to do than throw together a polyvore?
I've already got a list of items on my phone that I want for my Summer wardrobe. I've already got a neon tee from Witchery (yay!). I've noticed I've gone from being very much a skirt and dress girl to a pant and shorts girl in the last year. Weird. I need to find the perfect pair of leather shorts and the perfect pair of distressed black and blue denim shorts for this Summer. I lived in my leopard print pair last year! I also want plenty of sleeveless collared blouses and singlets. 

What are your Summer must haves this time round?



A couple of weeks ago I was doing some googling and found a whole bunch of 'raw brownie' recipes.
I was really intrigued as given my current digestive goings on, brownies are definitely not on the list of foods I should be eating. 

I got my recipe from here. My New Roots is an awesome blog, so have a read if you're inclined towards raw eating or just healthy eating in general.

I added a little coconut and prunes as well as the dates, almonds and walnuts. Probably the best tasting and most quick and easy thing I've ever made. They're still quite calorific and have quite a bit of sugar, but they for sure squashed any baked-good cravings I had and I figure they're not going to kill me if I just make them every now and then. I absolutely love that everything in them is natural! 

I'm off to the Blue Mountains tomorrow for a random 1 night getaway (3 day weekend, woo!). I really want to get back to regular posting. I honestly have no motivation to do outfits posts though. Weird. I have new things to share too! I think I'm just too busy hanging out for Summer. I am so sick of Winter fashion and given that I work in creative retail my whole head space is consumed with Summer fashion/looks/trends at the moment. Give me back brights and shorts, singlets, sandals and tee's! (In about February you will hear my whinging that I want Winter fashion back... :/ happens every year hahaha). 

Is anyone else dying for Summer?