B A L I 2 0 1 4

Welcome to my belated Bali post! I truly didn't know if I would enjoy Bali, but we had a great time! The food was amazing, the people were (mostly) very friendly and I could have delicious soy cappuccinos every day! I thought it was going to be a good excuse to kick the caffeine, but little did I know they make amazing coffee over there!

 A C C O M O D A T I O N

We stayed at IZE Seminyak. Which we thought was 'I. Z. E' but apparently its 'issey' but even then taxi drivers still had no idea what we meant. We ended up just showing them the room key haha.

It is a 4 star hotel, with an amazing roof top pool. The location is amazing, great restaurants and cafes left or right, as well as plenty of shops. All the staff were super friendly too! We were in a room towards the back so the noise was fine. They have a great restaurant and bar as well.

View from the roof top pool


Anyone who knows Jeremy and I,  knows we love to eat. Like, we're constantly thinking about food. ALWAYS. Nom.
So, needless to say, we ate our way around Seminyak.

We got to the hotel at about 1am Aussie time. So upon being told about Soho, a 24 hr diner across the road from the hotel, we were straight in there eating Nasi Goreng and drinking a Bintang. Heehee.  We returned here twice on our trip for more Nasi and a Mi Goreng (y u m!)

The next morning we tried out the hotel brekky. It was a basic buffet with fresh watermelon juice, breakfast sushi (???), danishes, fruit, pancakes and Nasi Goreng. Not bad considering it was included with our room!

Lunch was at Cafe Zucchini, about 200m up the road from IZE. They have the BEST salad bowls, for $65,000 Rupiah. One thing I'll mention here is that theres a service tax (anywhere from 5-10%, and a government tax (anywhere from 10-21%) on top of your bill in all the places we went to. Apparently this is a new thing? We had never heard about it before coming to Bali but things definitely weren't as cheap as we expected. It' s still cheaper than Aus though, dont get me wrong!

Cafe Zucchini salad bowl 

We had no idea where to go for dinner that night, and a quick Google pointed me to 'Ginger Moon.' Upon seeing it was hard to get in I was shocked we managed to get a booking for that night, but I am glad we did.  We had Peking duck pancakes, beef steamed buns, roast duck dumplings, nasi goreng and char sui pork (AMAZING). As well as cocktails. Mmm. So good! 

Ginger Moon

The next morning I wanted a cafe brekky. Trip Advisor told me to hunt down 'Grocer and Grind', which is a chain of Australian style cafe's. It was decent. However once we discovered the next little breakfast gem, it just did not compare.

Grocer and Grind brekky burger

Dinner this night was at 'Breeze at The Samaya.' We had our first encounter with a dodge taxi driver on our way to the Samaya. He tried to charge us $10 AUD. We said hell no and offered $5 (which was still HEAPS). He then pretended not to know where it was an took us about a kilometre past it, cue me chucking a tantrum and demanding to get out and walk, which we did. It was super frustrating but that was when we started to just barter the fare before getting in the cabs. I think what got us was, there's 'Blue Bird Taxi's', which generally have fare metres and good drivers. But there are SO MANY TAXI'S that are just blue sedans and at first we thought they were all Blue Bird, but they're not. So when we knew we were jumping into a 'dodgy' taxi we just bartered the fare, which stopped any further issues. (Can you tell I have limited experience in these kinds of places? hahaha). 

Anyway! Breeze was lovely. We had the most attentive and friendly waitress, amazing views and great food. They even gave us mozzie spray! I had a Balinese curry which was deeeeelish! The meal was obviously not cheap but was around $120AUD. 

The next morning... we stumbled upon SISTERFIELDS. Literally the best thing ever.  In a way I was kinda sad that there was an Australian cafe in Bali, I mean you go overseas to soak up the local culture! But I love my brekky's and my coffee and the discovery of Sisterfields was most welcome! Amazing Coffee, juices, smoothies, and food! As someone on Trip Advisor said, Jez and I definitely 'double breakfasted' each day we went. 


That night it was Mexicola time! Being that the 'original' Mexicola, Rojo Rocket, was located on the Central Coast, we had experienced it before. I didn't know at the time that they were owned by the same people but as soon as I walked in I commented that they were so similar. It is like what I imagine stepping into Mexico would be like. Cocktails, Coronas, Tacos and brightly decorated. The food was ok and the cocktails reasonable. I would definitely recommend for drinks before dinner or something like that. It has a super chilled atmosphere.  

Wooo coconut cocktail!

The following night Jez had booked us dinner at Ku De Ta. We arrived in time for the sunset, and luckily unlike at Breeze, the clouds cleared and we got to experience the sunset over the sea. It was awesome. This dinner was not cheap, at $200AUD. But we did have cocktails, entrees, mains and then shared a dessert. 

The duck and squid entree's, and lamb for two, as our main. The most delicious, tender lamb! 

That pretty much covers our foodie tour of Seminyak! We also ventured into Revolver on our last day. After seeing countless Aussie couples appear from a side lane with take away coffees, I knew we had to suss it out. It is just like going into a small cafe here in Aus, again amazing coffee and smoothies. Definitely worth it if you're needing a coffee hit.

I know most people have been to Bali, but I know when it came to food I was always referring to the internet to see what was hit and miss, so I thought these reviews might help! Hope you guys enjoyed and please give me your favourite places to eat in Bali, cuz Jez and I plan to go back very soon and visit other areas like Ubud and Uluwatu.