I dropped my camera the other day, and ROYALLY effed it up... So now I have to purchase a new one with my savings. *sigh*

Can anyone recommend a decent camera for under $250? It just has to take good pics in daylight and night time (My last camera was horrible at night).

Cheers xo

PS - Hope youre all having an amazing 4 day weekend and living it up :) HAPPY EASTER!


  1. craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap :/ maybe look on ebay for a secondhand one? ♥

  2. Ah crap and cameras are quite exxy too!!

    Happy Easter by the way! And I hope you find another camera soon!

  3. Happy easter!
    i cannot rec a camera but Canons are always good !
    All my photos on my blog come from canon cameras

  4. I have heard good things about canon cameras actually. im off to trawl ebay now. eek.

    happy easter to you too bowsnhearts! xo


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