Fashion Event

Last night my uncle took me to the launch of Henry Roth's new affordable couture bridal and cocktail dress collection. Needless to say I was very excited, I've never been to anything like this before!

As we entered his offices in Surry Hills, we were ushered up to one of the studios. He then announced we would be taken to a 'secret location' for a runway show. The secret location was actually downstairs, where there was a full on red carpet runway. One of the models was Alexandra Agoston-O'Connor (who I only just realised is kind of a big deal...) haha. I was so stunned at the pricing of his dresses, the most expensive was $1600, if that. And they were beautifully made and looked stunning.

We then went to Zushi, up in Darlinghurst. I was sooo very yummy. And my uncle took me to see the Coke sign in King Cross. Because, yes, thats right people, I have been to Sydney 1000000000000 times and I have never seen the Coke sign in real life up close. So thats one thing crossed off my list of things to do! Fun night :)

That is totally my arm in the right of that pic... Haha


The lovely Henry

(pictures from Getty images)

Twit Pic! I'm on the far left, and my uncle is next to me in the white shirt. Haha.


  1. wow! wow! wow! how exciting, do you have more photos of the collection? the price point sounds perfect. ♥

  2. There are some more photos here: http://alive-sydney.whereilive.com.au/photos/gallery/henry-roth-collection-launch/

    and his website: http://www.henryroth.com/

    I know I am amazed at the price point I honestly wish I was getting married because I am SO in love with one of the dresses! haha

  3. Wow how fun!!

    I love the black jacket in the first picture!

    *Runs off to check out website*

  4. sounds like a great event! you looked fab :)

  5. Thanks :) I will post what I wore when my camera decides to work! I definitely need a new one >_<


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