New Dress

I bought an amazing dress from aboutagirl.com.au late last week. It is black, lace, has puffy sleeves and is perfect for winter!

Best of all, it was only $34.95

I have been furiously reorganising and de-cluttering my room for the last few days, and I decided to take some pics

My world map. I've stuck pins in the places I want to go. The butterfly sketches pinned onto it is the design for my next tattoo. Very excited!

My dressing table. I have reorganised this and it's so much better!

My little Fightstar/Charlie Simpson display. Haha. I am very proud of the 2 cd's I own because I had one of them shipped from the UK. It's incredibly hard to get their cd's here.

Random bits and pieces. Love my red power ranger figurine. He was my fave. I picked this up at Surry Hills markets a while back.

Fashion books, mags, dvds, and pictures. I love looking at these :)

My new Wittner flats are the black ones there with the jewels and oversized bow. I love them!

Last but not least, my clothes and shoes <3
I have a wardrobe full plus this rack. It's a bit ridiculous. I love how having everything out on a rack makes your room feel like a clothing boutique hehe.


  1. I really love your new dress! I just got a lace top from Bardot recently which looks like the top half of the dress!

    I love your shoe collection! I probably only have like 10 pairs of shoes! Not enough!

  2. The style is around everywhere lately, its just gorgeous! I love lace and I'm loving puffy sleeves hehe. My shoe collection has grown so much in the last 6 months. But I honestly dont wear all of them enough. And I have even more in those shoe boxes that dont fit me properly. Its jst silly! Haha. 10 pairs is definitely enough :)

  3. You have a great blog!
    Best of luck! ;)

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    x Valentine

  4. Love the map, i really want one at the minute

  5. it does look like a clothing boutique, except everythings in your size! so cute.


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