Quick Outfit Post

I bought this Staple dress online few weeks ago. When it arrived I realised it looked a little bit ew on me, so I've cut the inside of it out and made it into a drapey top. Yay. I'm so glad I can wear it because I love the tie-dye, grungy look to the material.

staple top/dress
diy bleached and studded denim shorts
lucy in the sky necklace

My camera is STILL NOT WORKING >_< so excuse the crappy quality.


  1. Not sure what it looked like before, but it looks lovely on you before :) Well done!!

  2. the top/dress looks awesome! u did a great job.
    that fro-yo from a few posts back looks sooo good.
    now im craving some bad.
    we have a similar thing in melbourne called Igloo Zoo.
    I like to get the pomegranate flavour with strawberries.

  3. thanks emily peta and cotton socks :)

    i crave that fro-yo all the time. it drives me insane. its sooooo good! but because i live an hour away from the nearest one its not really accessible! :( pomegranate flavour sounds delicious!

  4. It has turned out well into a top! I wish I am as creative as you are...usually when I try to transform clothes, they end up at Salvos. Lol!

  5. Aww Hahaha. honestly, its such a fluke that whenever I seem to muck around with clothes they turn out ok. Because I have no idea what I'm doing most of the time!

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  7. it looks great on you babe! love how you've made it into a drapey top. sometimes, some snips and cuts can do wonders aye? (:

  8. thanks :)

    yes it is amazing what a few snips can do! haha

  9. Love this look!! I have a penchant for turning dresses into tops.

  10. I think this outfit is cute! I love the coloring of the top! :)

  11. yay gorgeous look. loved this staple print. where did you buy it from??


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