Big Day Out 2010

I went to the first Sydney BDO on Friday.

I saw Temper Trap, Rise Against, Calvin Harris + Muse.

MUSE WERE AMAZING + Rise Against were epic.

Unfortunately due to having rude/tired/cranky friends the 2 of us that wanted to see Muse only got the pleasure of watching them for half an hour. But I'm glad they played 3 of my fave songs of theirs in the first half hour. They said in an interview they will be coming back in Nov/Dec this year for a full tour. YAY!!!


  1. Everyone I know seems to have a great time at BDO.

    Your friends and you looked really happy in the photos, even though I have no idea which one is you. :P

  2. Lol I'm the one in the chambray dress. Haha.

    Yes BDO was amazing. The only bad thing was the heat! It makes it hard to enjoy yourself because youre just so hot! The vibe is so good though :)


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