I bought this Sunny Girl play suit off Freez a couple of weeks ago. Its sooooo comfy and easy to wear :) Plus I love the vintage-y look to it.

The boy also bought his first motorbike yesterday. Nerve-wracking stuff! I had to follow him home as it was his first ride ever, and my stomach was in my throat the whole time. I think the whole helmet and jacket get up can look really hot (haha) but on the whole I feel like motorbikes are so unsafe! Eeek. Definitely a new learning curve for me. I don't think I'll be getting on the back of it anytime soon!

Big Day Out tomorrow! I was excited until a friend of mine kinda threw a spanner into the works. It always seems like you have dramas with a person right before you're supposed to be doing something fun that you've been looking forward to for ages.
I'm hoping the good vibes and fun times will sort everything out.
Fingers crossed!

If youre going to BDO tomorrow or sat, have a rockin' time! :D


  1. How cute is that playsuit! I love it! i've been wanting one for so long.
    Agree too, motorbikes are scary! If you do go for a ride, please wear some denim and leather, wouldn't want your lovely skin to get grazed or scarred!
    Hope you have fun at BDO. x

  2. I wanted one forever too, I could never find one that looked good on me though! Theyre everywhere at the moment but the style of so many of them isnt very flattering :(

    I don't think there is anyway I could get on the motorbike. I'm too chicken. Which is probably a good thing!


  3. The playsuit looks lovely! And I love the pop of colour from your nails!

    Have fun at BDO tomorrow...it's going to be 36 tomorrow in Melbourne!!

  4. The playsuit is gorgeous. It really suits you. I wish I had a boyfriend with a motorbike but I know where you're coming from. I'd be really worried every time he got on it.

  5. playsuit + nails = perfection!

  6. Thanks bows, fickle and mez. I'm so happy I finally found a flattering one :) If only I could find another! I could live in them.

  7. I love this playsuit! It looks great on you :)

    I bought one by Sunnygirl from Ebay recently and love it.
    Here it is : http://lookbook.nu/look/264531-push-th-little-daisies

    I really want another style, similar to yours. May have to look around.

  8. Cute playsuit Carly. I really love the print :) I wish I could pull off the high-necked style!

  9. love the bike ! and your liberty dress !


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