Two Thousand + Ten

I had such a dud NYE. It really is extremely overrated. It was also not helped along by the fact that my boy was working and it was our first NYE where we've been going out. Oh well. I best realise that given his job he may never be around on NYE unfortunately.

I'm not usually one for NY resolutions but I think I might give it a go this year.

- Maintain weight and start exercising more regularly again
- Find a full time job/ start traineeship at current job
- Try to be less anxious and highly-strung, and more relaxed and 'cruisy' (bf's words haha)
- Possibly learn to surf
- Work on relationship (we have a difficult relationship with lots of time apart and not much time together) and keep things going strong :)

Hopefully I can stick to these!

What are your New Years Resolutions?



  1. i've never made any NY resolutions before either because i know i won't be able to keep up with them! hehe. but i shall try to make one this year.
    for me, i'll need to find a job to save up enough money to visit my boyfriend in Manchester. somehow, that's more like a goal rather than resolution.
    happy new year girl (:

  2. Agreed with szela above. I stopped making resolutions because I can never keep them.

    I hope you will have a great 2010!

  3. Szela: thats definitely something you will be able to stick to i think! Happy New Year :)

    Bowsnhearts: I hope you will have a great 2010 also! x

  4. hey doll,

    the pink tulle skirt is from f21. I think i'm about - this close to doing another grp order and ordering the exact same skirt!!

    haha. obsessive, much?

  5. Just do/join in to group orders! that's what I do so shipping comes to abt 8.75usd per person when there are 4 girls in a grp order and you can order 5 items, I'm doing another grp order, wanna join in?


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