These are some of my favourite songs, ever. They all have special meaning and I find with a song I've generally got to be able to 'connect' to it in some way. I also sing so if I'm singing along to something I want to be able to try and understand the meaning of the lyrics and relate to them in some way. Otherwise I don't think there's a point really.

• One Headlight - The Wallflowers

• Deathcar & A City on Fire - Fightstar
My favourite band ever. I could rant on about how amazing they are forever. It breaks my heart that to see them live I have to take drastic measures like flying to the other side of the world. It would be so worth it though. I wish they'd get their butts out here so bad :( Deathcar is THE BEST break up song in the whole world. I kid you not. And A City on Fire is just a freaking solid rock tune.

• Hey Ya - Obadiah Parker
I want this song as my wedding song. It shits all over the original. (sorry Andre). If you havent heard it GET IT NOW because it will change your life.

• The Science of Selling Yourself Short - Less Than Jake
Best best best summer song. It always cheers me up even though it hasn't exactly got 'happy' lyrics but I can relate to what he's talking about.

• Ready To Collide - The Sundance Kids
This song is pretty much me and my bf and how our relationship started. "I walked away from everything I had, this is the end, this is the end of me, and this is the start, this is the start of us... I'm ready to collide into your world tonight, take my chances and leave everything behind." <3

And, my all time fave:

• 23 - Jimmy Eat World

It is the single most amazingly beautiful song. Every time it comes on I just have to stop and listen. It's one of the few songs that have also made me cry. I love getting emotional. Haha.

What are your fave songs?


Big Day Out 2010

I went to the first Sydney BDO on Friday.

I saw Temper Trap, Rise Against, Calvin Harris + Muse.

MUSE WERE AMAZING + Rise Against were epic.

Unfortunately due to having rude/tired/cranky friends the 2 of us that wanted to see Muse only got the pleasure of watching them for half an hour. But I'm glad they played 3 of my fave songs of theirs in the first half hour. They said in an interview they will be coming back in Nov/Dec this year for a full tour. YAY!!!



I bought this Sunny Girl play suit off Freez a couple of weeks ago. Its sooooo comfy and easy to wear :) Plus I love the vintage-y look to it.

The boy also bought his first motorbike yesterday. Nerve-wracking stuff! I had to follow him home as it was his first ride ever, and my stomach was in my throat the whole time. I think the whole helmet and jacket get up can look really hot (haha) but on the whole I feel like motorbikes are so unsafe! Eeek. Definitely a new learning curve for me. I don't think I'll be getting on the back of it anytime soon!

Big Day Out tomorrow! I was excited until a friend of mine kinda threw a spanner into the works. It always seems like you have dramas with a person right before you're supposed to be doing something fun that you've been looking forward to for ages.
I'm hoping the good vibes and fun times will sort everything out.
Fingers crossed!

If youre going to BDO tomorrow or sat, have a rockin' time! :D


The Best Cupcakes I've Ever Made!

Chris, my boyfriend, gave me an idea for 'a really good muffin' the other day. Ones with Caramello Koala in them! This has never occurred to me before, so of course I planned to bake some.

I couldn't find a recipe so I made my own up, using a Women's Weekly recipe as a template. I made them today, and can I just say... FREAKIN' WOW.


- 125g butter, chopped
- 2/3 cup firmly packed brown sugar
- 1/4 cup golden syrup
- 2/3 cup milk
- 1 cup plain flour
- 1/3 cup self raising flour
- 1 egg
- 1 Tsp vanilla extract
- 12 x mini Caramello Koala chocolates, chilled

1. Preheat oven to 170˙C/150˙C fanforced
Line a 12 hole muffin tin with liners
2. Combine butter, sugar, syrup and milk in a small saucepan and stir over low heat until smooth. Transfer mixture to bowl and let cool for 15 mins.
3. While mixture is cooling, chop up the chilled Koalas. (If they’re a little cold it makes them easier to chop).
4. Whisk in sifted flours, then egg and vanilla. Once combined, stir in chopped Caramello Koalas.
5. Divide among cases and bake for roughly 30 mins.

I didn't ice them because they're pretty sweet. If you like less sweet-ness I would probably leave out the golden syrup, or halve the sugar.

Photo Tag!

I have been photo tagged by the love CateG from http://allcatsaregreyatnight.blogspot

This pic is from April 2007, when my family and I went to QLD.
We stopped in Tamworth and this is at the lookout. I thought I'd be a comedian...as usual.

I tag -
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The Big 2-0

I am now 20. Hooray! It's strange, for once I feel my age. I guess having best friends and a boyfriend a few years older than you can kind of make you feel that way? I'm not too sure. But I'm so happy to be out of my teenage years!

I had the best, best, best birthday I've ever had. Which is crazy because you'd think that my 18th would have been better than this. But nope.

I chilled for the morning with the boy and then we went to lunch, after that I went to the beach with some friends. We then all went home, got into our party dresses and met up for pre-drinks before going to the big party thrown by 2 boys I work with who live in a 2 storey house overlooking Wamberal beach. It was a party for me and also one of my close friends who is turning 18 soon.

The boys bought me a 'stripper pole' as a bit of a joke so we all had heaps of fun playing on that. Lots of drinking, dancing, and silliness topped off one of the best days, I dont think Ive ever felt so happy.

The best part was, my boy was supposed to be in Goulburn for work, but managed to get out of it and was planning on surprising me. However I caught him out by accident when he couldn't think of a cover story quick enough hahaha.

Some happy snaps from the night...

The girls

The pole. It fell down about 2 seconds after this photo was taken haha.

The boy. And my poor sun burnt nose!


Working it!

Yes there was table top dancing... haha



I got 7 Pandora charms for my pink leather Pandora bracelet :)

The purple enamel bead is from my work friends, owl, cupcake and 'K' bead from parents and the purple diamante, shoe and love heart beads from my boy. He did so well picking them all by himself! Haha. I've never had any boy buy me anything without me telling them exactly what I want, so I was extremely stoked!

I also got an anklet, and a bracelet with my name engraved on it from my best friends. My Grandma also gave a me a moonstone necklace and bracelet set she has had since she was 16! And I also got a cupcake courier off my parents hehe. My cupcakes can now be stored and travel in style!

It was just so nice to be blissfully happy for one day. Hope you all had good weekends! xx


Two Thousand + Ten

I had such a dud NYE. It really is extremely overrated. It was also not helped along by the fact that my boy was working and it was our first NYE where we've been going out. Oh well. I best realise that given his job he may never be around on NYE unfortunately.

I'm not usually one for NY resolutions but I think I might give it a go this year.

- Maintain weight and start exercising more regularly again
- Find a full time job/ start traineeship at current job
- Try to be less anxious and highly-strung, and more relaxed and 'cruisy' (bf's words haha)
- Possibly learn to surf
- Work on relationship (we have a difficult relationship with lots of time apart and not much time together) and keep things going strong :)

Hopefully I can stick to these!

What are your New Years Resolutions?