Quick Outfit Post

I bought this Staple dress online few weeks ago. When it arrived I realised it looked a little bit ew on me, so I've cut the inside of it out and made it into a drapey top. Yay. I'm so glad I can wear it because I love the tie-dye, grungy look to the material.

staple top/dress
diy bleached and studded denim shorts
lucy in the sky necklace

My camera is STILL NOT WORKING >_< so excuse the crappy quality.


New Dress

I bought an amazing dress from aboutagirl.com.au late last week. It is black, lace, has puffy sleeves and is perfect for winter!

Best of all, it was only $34.95

I have been furiously reorganising and de-cluttering my room for the last few days, and I decided to take some pics

My world map. I've stuck pins in the places I want to go. The butterfly sketches pinned onto it is the design for my next tattoo. Very excited!

My dressing table. I have reorganised this and it's so much better!

My little Fightstar/Charlie Simpson display. Haha. I am very proud of the 2 cd's I own because I had one of them shipped from the UK. It's incredibly hard to get their cd's here.

Random bits and pieces. Love my red power ranger figurine. He was my fave. I picked this up at Surry Hills markets a while back.

Fashion books, mags, dvds, and pictures. I love looking at these :)

My new Wittner flats are the black ones there with the jewels and oversized bow. I love them!

Last but not least, my clothes and shoes <3
I have a wardrobe full plus this rack. It's a bit ridiculous. I love how having everything out on a rack makes your room feel like a clothing boutique hehe.


Fashion Event

Last night my uncle took me to the launch of Henry Roth's new affordable couture bridal and cocktail dress collection. Needless to say I was very excited, I've never been to anything like this before!

As we entered his offices in Surry Hills, we were ushered up to one of the studios. He then announced we would be taken to a 'secret location' for a runway show. The secret location was actually downstairs, where there was a full on red carpet runway. One of the models was Alexandra Agoston-O'Connor (who I only just realised is kind of a big deal...) haha. I was so stunned at the pricing of his dresses, the most expensive was $1600, if that. And they were beautifully made and looked stunning.

We then went to Zushi, up in Darlinghurst. I was sooo very yummy. And my uncle took me to see the Coke sign in King Cross. Because, yes, thats right people, I have been to Sydney 1000000000000 times and I have never seen the Coke sign in real life up close. So thats one thing crossed off my list of things to do! Fun night :)

That is totally my arm in the right of that pic... Haha


The lovely Henry

(pictures from Getty images)

Twit Pic! I'm on the far left, and my uncle is next to me in the white shirt. Haha.


My Doppelganger

So, it's doppelganger week on Facebook. The scary thing is I had already changed my pic to the celeb I get told I look like for a laugh, before I saw the status! Strange!

I honestly get told a few times a week by friends, family, and strangers I look like Selena Gomez. It's kind of getting ridiculous. I even had a family friends 7 yr old daughter, who hasnt seen me in at least 2 years, say to her mum "She looks like your friends daughter!".

So there it is. I think I could pass as her older sister... maybe. I think we just have the same hair. Haha.


Shopping Expedition

So one of my besties and I went on a bit of a shopping expedition to Hornsby today. It's so good to go a shopping centre other than your local one sometimes!

I picked up heaps of stuff. Which is good and bad, because I just found out I'm going to Thailand in June for my friends 21st and I need to save save save!

New sunnies from City Beach. Amazingly they sell sunnies from Quayeyewear.com.au, which is awesome! These were only $20

I had to have this. I have such a random sense of humour

Snake ring :) I have wanted one for ages.

Frozen yoghurt from Yogen Früz. Nom nom nom :)
We were walking along exclaiming about how awesome it tasted. Yummmm. I'm craving it now.

I also got Keeping Up With The Kardashians season 3 on DVD, and the stripey dress im wearing in the top pic from Cotton On.
I also bought a small spike for my ear piercing half way up my ear :) Yay.

All in all a successful day, but I think I need to cut right back now :( Scary stuff.
I am going to have to save hardcore!