Quick Getaway

WARNING: Picture overloaded post! Ha

So J and I went away for a few days last week, up to Seal Rocks. We spent a couple of days exploring the beaches and headed up to Forster as well. Forster reminded me so much of where I live, it was bizarre. I heart the north coast so much. We've decided to try to get up to Byron sometime in the next few months!

Sign outside the one small shop in Seal Rocks. Haha. I love it.

All arty farty... we ended up going crazy with our cameras and having a competition to see who could get the best shots haha. I won. But only because my camera makes anything look awesome. I really have no talent!

I got all creative on Saturday night before I headed out, and made my scarf into a drapey top by sewing bits of it together and making arm holes. I'm in love! It works brilliantly. Will do a better outfit post with my new combat boots soon!

Rocking my nanna blouse on Friday night. These 2 girls are possibly the most trendy folk I know. They put the sickest and also most random outfits together.

Also went and saw the Beautiful Girls on Sunday night. That was rad. The vibe at the concert was awesome.

Could he be any sexier?

Hope you all had lovely long weekends! x


New wallet and skirt. Wallet from Sportsgirl, skirt from Target. I love how girly I feel when I wear this skirt. I had to chop my head off in these pics cuz I am pulling some wacked out faces! Haha.

J and I are off on a little 3 day getaway up the coast, even though the weather is a bit crap we're just keen to get away from here and explore somewhere a bit different. Yay.
Hope everyone had a faboosh weekend xox


Weekend 21st shenanigans

So it's my best guy friends birthday this Sunday, and last weekend we went out in Sydney to celebrate. We stayed the night at the Meriton world tower. Its a-maz-ing! We ran riot in the Cross and hit up Trademark. It was a great night, good to get away from the same old night spots on the coast we usually hit up!

the view east towards the cross

centre point

he has this 'thing' with putting his middle finger up in all photos.

getting my pose on in the window

the birthday boy

at Trademark

Will do an outfit post soon, I have new purchases to share! Happy Friday eve! xx



Just a quick post with some new purchases and a couple of outfits...

I've had this nail polish for a while but havent worn it much. Im currently in LOVE with it!
It's called 'speed demon'. Its kind of sparkly which is cool.

Walked into Factorie the other day and saw this and had to have it. Im obsessed with skulls lately. And scarves.

New leggings from Target. Ah, I cannot get enough of leggings!

Outfit with new boyfriend blazer from Cotton On. I have been wearing it with everything!
Target leggings
Sportsgirl tshirt dress
Factorie scarf

I love that this blazer can make my summer dresses into winter dresses.
Minkpink dress
Glassons socks
Kmart boots

Happy Friday all!!!


Outfit Post

Wore this out shopping last week. First time I'd rocked the OTK boots during the day. I seriously cannot get enough of them. They keep me so damn warm and toasty. Wish I could afford a proper leather pair. I'm actually surprised at the amount of compliments these ones get. I'm so stoked to say 'they were $29 from Kmart' Haha.

Hope every one is having a rockin' Monday!


A couple of purchases from last week...

Ring on the left is from Sportsgirl. I stupidly managed to snap it as soon as I got it home so I had to glue it back together. It looks a little dodgy but unless you look closely its not too obvious haha. Ring on the right is from a little boutique store. It is the most gorgeous shade of deep purple. Love.

Stockings from SG. Cannot wait to wear them! Theyre beyond adorable. Plus they were $5 off, stoked!

I have been crazy busy lately... well, not so much busy but spending time with the new boy. Ha. We have made it official :) So I'm one happy cookie at the moment. Yayyyyyy!

And I'm currently craving Hello Panda cookies after reading Carly's latest asian snack challenge post!!! Nom

Happy hump day! x


Photoshoots and A New Purchase

My best guy friend L, who is like my brother from another mother, loves, love, LOVES doing 'photoshoots'. On Tuesday he had chucked a sickie and I was bored, so we went down to the beach and mucked around with my new camera. These are the results:

Haha amateurs. We love it though. Such a good way to kill a few hours.

Went to a little cafe called 'Lotus' this morning for some brekky and coffees (or in my case, soy chai) with the new boy, J. I had banana bread with yoghurt and berry ragoux, and J had white choc pancakes with poached strawberries (DROOL). Both of our meals were sooo delish. The pics are hell dodgy cuz I felt a bit odd photographing my food... ahahah. Best thing is the cafe is a right near the beach, just a short stroll from J's house. Yay!

I picked up this cardi yesterday, I'm loving the puffy shoulders and drapeyness of it. Plus... its leopard print. I cannot get enough of leopard print! I've now got 2 tops, plus this cardi. And I'm on the hunt for a leopard print scarf.

Supre belt
SG nail polish in 'baby elephant'

Bought some other goodies too, they shall be saved til the next post! xx


Outfit Post + Cupcakes

This is what I wore yesterday for a bit of errand running and shopping. So stoked my summer playsuit looks good with a blazer - I can wear it throughout winter! I'm thinking I might try this look with my OTK boots next time.

Hot Options blazer
Sunny Girl playsuit
Supre belt
Target flats

After purchasing Julie Goodwin's cookbook last week I decided to make her 'Lemon Diva' cupcakes that won her a challenge on Masterchef last year. All I can say is: NOM. So tasty with heaps of lemon flavour that smacks you in the taste buds. Can you tell I have time on my hands to 'style' photos with lemon wedges? Somebody get me a jobbbbb!

These are my mother's day cupcakes. Mum requested I make them at the last minute so I whipped up my fail safe vanilla cupcakes with literally a CENTIMETRE of butter cream on top. SO GOOD (if I do say so myself). Unfortunately they all got eaten by my family. I'm kind of craving one right now *drool*

Hope everyone had a good weekend/Mothers day!


Life's Dandy

So life's been a little bit exciting lately. New boy, new beginnings :)
I'm the happiest I've been in a VERY long time!

Wore this combo out last Fri to the local, I love love love this dress, I barely wear stuff like this more than once (terrible, I know) But I've now worn it 3 times and definitely plan to keep on wearing it! My cheapy brogues are definitely looking a little worse for wear - I wish I had bought 2 pairs! I had no idea how much I would wear them! Must find thy self a leather pair!!!

My outfit today for a spot of shopping - excuse the ridiculously serious expression. I look WAY not happy when I'm actually bouncing off the walls haha. Mmm look at Dave Grohl in the background. Nom.

One of my purchases today. $20 hell yes thank you very much! Love you Target! Haha. Also bought the 'you curl' by Vidal Sassoon - I'm still trying to get the hang of it :S It's way more complicated than it looks in the ad! Boo.

Bought these from Target as well, Lacey ballet flats. I think they were about $15. Awesome sauce!

And! Julie Goodwin from Masterchef was signing copies of her cookbook in my local shopping centre (shes from where I live!). So I went and bought her book for my mum (she wanted it anyway) and got it signed. She is SO warm and lovely :) Cant wait to try her 'Lemon Diva Cupcakes'. Nommm.