New Camera!

I bought myself a Sony Cybershot DSC - W310 yesterday and I am in love. Its SO much better than my old Olympus piece of crap. I've been mucking around with it today - loving the smile detection. Its hilarious.

Love the close up abilities! Hating how wrinkly my hands look though. Ergh!

Headband I made for a hippy 21st I went to

Smile detection! haha. My bro and mum doing their best cheesy grins


New Goodies :)

I've been shopping up a bit of a storm lately... some of my recent purchases...

Got this top from a store called 'Stelly' today, for the grand total of $19.95. So in love with it. I'm really obsessed with leopard print. It's kind of getting silly now.

Current fave jewellery, picked up the earrings for half price from Forever New. I'm loving ridiculously large earrings at the moment, after being into studs for so long. The little sunglesses ring is from General Pants. I had to have it, it's so ridiculously cute.

Long sleeved velvet dress from Temt for $19.95. It's an amazing dusty blue colour that really doesnt show up well in the photos (still havent bought a new camera. Eek!) Can't wait to wear it when the weather cools down with my OTK boots and some sort of patterned stockings.

This is from the kids section at Target. It's gorgeous and will look great over one of my current fave staples, the tight black singlet dress. Cant wait to wear it.

Getting very excited for the weekend!
Hope youre all having a lovely Thursday xx


Long Weekend Shenanigans

Best best long weekend.
Out Thursday night
Random road trips on Good Friday around the Central Coast, discovering what is basically in our backyard.

Listening to aNYway on repeat
Out Friday night
recovering from no sleep on Saturday
Out again on Saturday night
Best tasting Kebab ever
Sunday, chocolate and coke
Out again Sunday night
Bumming around Tez on Monday
being a bogan in a flanno
more kebabs and chocolate



I dropped my camera the other day, and ROYALLY effed it up... So now I have to purchase a new one with my savings. *sigh*

Can anyone recommend a decent camera for under $250? It just has to take good pics in daylight and night time (My last camera was horrible at night).

Cheers xo

PS - Hope youre all having an amazing 4 day weekend and living it up :) HAPPY EASTER!