More Stuffs

Its Christmas eve! How exciting! ^_^

I cant wait.

I have a couple of new accessories to share, a necklace and some bangles. I also bought my Christmas dress but haven't been able to take a picture yet because my whole family has been home and I don't want to take the picture while they're around. Hopefully I will be able to soon! It's from Forever New, and I only grabbed it to try on because I thought 'Oh yeah, that'll look pretty, I'll just try it for fun." As it was $100 and, shoot me, but that's the most I've ever spent on a dress. Yes, even my Formal dress was only $80. So I bought the dress because it's amazing on and I can wear it for Christmas and my birthday (which is coming up very soon! Yay for saying goodbye to the evil teenage years!).

Formal dress. (Had to cut the ex out of the picture haha) It's made from a metallic, gold material. I regret my hair so very much. And the dress looks better on a person with a smaller chest. (Believe me, I put it on a mannequin at TAFE in one of my displays and my reaction was 'Damn.')

Handcuff necklace from inspiredinsanity.com.au. I became obsessed with this once I saw someone wearing one. I think it was Jenny on Gossip Girl. I wish I could find one that was chunkier but this will do for now :)

And my Sportsgirl bangles I've been wanting to buy for a while now. Seriously, every time I walk into that shop, without fail I buy something. Terrible!



Recent Purchases...

I went shopping today to do the last of my Christmas shopping and also to find a pretty dress to wear on Christmas day. My mission was a complete FAIL. However I did manage to come home with a few things for myself hehe.

'Horoscope' bracelet from Sportsgirl

Tie-dye singlet dress from Sportsgirl on sale. So comfy, awesome colour and great to wear to the beach/festivals.

I also bought another SG nail polish in 'watermelon', and I'm thinking I'll be going back to buy 'glamour puss' at some stage.

close up of the pattern...

And a bunch of DVDs. Very keen to watch them. (I may or may not be secretly hoping the weather is yucky tomorrow so I can stay inside and watch movies all day)

Happy Tuesday all!


Skull Ring

My new Candy Skull ring from Diva. Its exactly what I've been searching for. It'll be making it's first outing tonight to my work xmas party. Very keen to get a little lose and have some fun with my favourite people!

My nail polish collection. It's my pride and joy. I stare at it all the time. Barely a day goes by where I dont have polish on my nails, I really do see it as an accessory. I never match my fingers to my toes, because usually I want to wear more than one colour at once. And truly, Sportsgirl nail polish is the BEST EVER. I have had 'Rock Royalty' (the purple one in the middle at the front) on my toes for 2 weeks and have only had to fix a few small chips twice. Awesome, I tell you!

Hope you're all having fab weekends! x


Pink Blazer-type Thing + Nigella's Cookies

I picked up this cute blazer/blouse at a local op shop last week. It's light weight and a fabulous shade of bright pink which makes it a perfect summer 'jacket' (but only after I took out the bad 80's shoulder pads... haha).

(excuse the somewhat strange pose, it was the only photo where my hips looked somewhat small...*ahem*)

Nigella's Totally Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies. Nom nom nom.

Recipe Here: http://www.nigella.com/recipe/recipe_detail.aspx?rid=100

Theyre awesome tasty goodness. Mine didnt turn out as fat and gooey as hers, but I prefer them a little thin + crispy.


Baby Cakes

Last night I baked some chocolate mini cupcakes with pink icing. I haven't made chocolate cupcakes in forever so it was a nice change from the usual vanilla.

The photo quality is el-crapola because my mother stole my digital camera to take pics at her work xmas party. Grrr.


Outfit + My Xmas Tree

Inspired by the Vogue thread on Christmas Tree decorating I thought I'd post mine on here. Since studying VM my family has left it to me to put up our tree and decorate it how I see fit. I get extremely anal about it though and spend ages sitting on the lounge staring at it, getting up and moving things around and then staring at it some more.

I am obsessed with all things sparkly + purple so of course the tree incorporates both of those... My favourite baubles are the bright pink glittery ones. Haha.

Close up of the decs

I thought I'd post about my fantastic maxi dress from Target I got a while back. I've gotten so many compliments on it, and people are always so surprised when I say its from good old Targ├ęt.

It's such a pretty print. I'm so glad I've gotten away from all the monochrome outfits I wore through winter! It feels good to be wearing colours again.


Antique Find

I've lived in a small beach side town my whole life, which has a lovely antique shop that I (for some odd reason) have never ever ventured into. Until last week. Boy, is it amazing. The jewellery in there is unbelievable. I could have bought so, so many things. I bought the most adorable 1940's evening bag, for the grand total of $29. It's a gem and I love just holding it and looking at it.

It's not quite glo mesh, it has this silver mesh covering it, and a beautiful pearl clasp. And it's in perfect condition, which is fantastic.

I'll definitely be going in there more often I think.


Retail Therapy

So I'm definitely going on a shopping ban.

I bought this dress:

(pic from the Minkpink blog)

Minkpink 'Nada' Surf dress. It's utter perfection! Cant get enough of it. Lightweight cotton amazing-ness that is perfect for summer.

And also my fabulous ankle boots arrived in the mail today! Yay!

Can't wait to wear them out with my ASOS dress that came the other week :)



I've never really understood the saying 'when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade', and I dont even know if it really applies to the situation I have just been dropped into, but I'm trying to figure out if I can infact make lemonade from these 'lemons.'

It's hard, trying to be in a relationship when you're in your late teens/early 20's. Everyone has different things going on, theres study, new jobs, travel, and just general life exploration... I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's damn hard to find time to have a significant other. Which is the problem facing me and my boy at the moment. With crazy 12 hour shifts, only 2 or 3 days off and 4 days on, plus extreme study and the fear of failure, there's a bit of pressure on him at the moment, and this is how it's going to be for a year. A whole freakin' year. I believe in myself enough to think that I can handle this. That I can be there for him and support him 100% while he is going through all this in order for him to pursue his chosen career, but it's going to be huge a test for a 19 year old. I think that if we can make it through this year, we'll have an extremely strong relationship and will be able to take on just about anything... if not, well, I would have rather tried and failed than not tried at all.

I guess the lemonade from this situation is that it's made me realise how much I want to be with him. I had no idea my feelings ran so deep or were so strong. We'll also have an extremely established and strong relationship if we survive. And I'll hopefully mature from having to be a supportive and understanding individual, and this will ultimately make me a better person.

Sorry for rather heavy, non fashion related post, but I just needed somewhere to sort my head out.

image from http://whiteninjacomics.com/comics/

and to lighten the mood, one of my fave White Ninja Comics <3>



Oufit for a day of 21st Birthday preparations (not my own, my best friends who are twins. It's going to be huge!)

Cardi - Sportsgirl
Top - Minkpink
Skirt - Supre
Shoes - Zomp

Assorted 'wrist junk' and Sportsgirl 'Rock Royalty' on nails.


Must Stop Spending!

I just bought these off eBay...
Finally, ankle boots shall be mine!

Given that I also had my second package form ASOS arrive yesterday I really MUST stop spending. I have 2 dresses, 1 pair of shoes and 1 top I havent even worn yet. Eeeeeeeek. It's just so much fun though!

Also, the Siren heels I bought are horribly narrow in the toe and killed my feet :( They look amazing... but I will probably be selling them. Devastating.


Check It.

Please ignore my facial expression, I think I was concentrating a tad too hard. Also excuse the poor quality of the photo, I quickly snapped it before the boy picked me up for brunch. I'm slack. Sorry.

Dress - Minkpink
Jacket - SES years and years ago (stolen from Mother dearest)
Sunnies - quayeyewear.com.au
OPI Black Onyx on nails, Skinny havs on feet.

Had THE MOST EPIC BLT for brunch. It was truly an experience. The turkish bread it was on had been like soaked in garlic oil or something. Amazing. Mmm I'm drooling just thinking about it now.

I also (thanks to trusty youtube) learnt how to do 'GHD waves' in my hair, which I'm loving. It looks so lovely and beachy, perfect for summer.

Also! I forgot to post about my new phone I've had for a little while now, the nokia E71, which is so much better than my LG Viewty. I dont think I will ever stray from Nokia again. I've learnt my lesson! Haha. Nokias just function so well compared to other phones. Plus the Viewty is a horrible excuse for a touchscreen!

It's such a lovely day here I think I shall go and sit on the beach.


Fasionable Females

Like many, The Rachel Zoe Project is my guilty pleasure. It's honestly my favourite show on TV at the moment. And while Taylor is a complete brat you can't deny the fact that she is absolutely, effortlessly

So it probably isnt effortless and no doubt she puts lots of thought into what she throws on each day, but she rocks it like she couldnt give a f#*k.

I also came across Pixie Lott recently while watching channel V one day. I'm definitely not a fan of her music but I <3 her dress sense:




So I made my first ASOS purchase.

These amazing shoes...

I am so very in love with them. And the fact that, all up, I only paid $45 AUD for them or something ridiculous like that. Plus they came in under a week!!! I am now going to become an ASOS addict. (theyre not white, by the way, theyre a beige/neutral colour. Not a fan of white heels!)

I also bought these little numbers from Target. Love love love the leopard print.

Not loving how green my skin looks in this pic! Baha. Not to worry. This top is so adorable. Its boned and fitted in the bodice and then flairs out into a little frill around the bottom. I also bought an amazing maxi dress that I'm wearing tonight for dinner with the new boy so hopefully I'll remember to take a pic or 2.

Yay :)


Life On Stand-by

Things have been extremely hectic lately! I've been working part time instead of casually so I feel as though I have had barely any time to myself! Any free time I have has been spent with a certain new boy I am seeing... hehe. Exciting :) So thats why I have been extremely crap at updating lately! Anyhow.

(kind of) Recent Purchase:

draped cardigan-type-thing from Sportsgirl

Its fabulous, its not a jacket and not a cardigan, but still suitable for wearing on casual and dressy occasions. Its made from a sort of stretchy, lyrca material and hangs so beautifully.
Bargain for $19.95, down from $89.95 too!

On another note, I have triple choc muffins in the oven. Yay.


Ankle Booted Amazingness...

Ankle Boots

I am so incredibly desperate for a pair of black ankle boots like the ones above. I know it's coming into summer now but I have suddenly realised just how amazing they are. Pretty slow of me, huh? When I have more pennies I may have to purchase the 'Moto' style ankle boots from Zu. They're sex on heels.


Sketching the Day Away...

I thought I would share a drawing I did... I dont usually show anyone my artwork I do, but I figured this one came out pretty ok so I may as well put it up here!

It's supposed to be Leighton Meester. I couldn't quite get the lips right but I still think its kind of ok.

Recent Purchases...

'Freez' maxi dress from Freez.com.au, fits like a dream and was only $40! Amazing...

Also, this Minkpink top with lovely studded detail...

And, I bought the Siren 'Gestic' heels I posted about earlier. Yay!