Check It.

Please ignore my facial expression, I think I was concentrating a tad too hard. Also excuse the poor quality of the photo, I quickly snapped it before the boy picked me up for brunch. I'm slack. Sorry.

Dress - Minkpink
Jacket - SES years and years ago (stolen from Mother dearest)
Sunnies - quayeyewear.com.au
OPI Black Onyx on nails, Skinny havs on feet.

Had THE MOST EPIC BLT for brunch. It was truly an experience. The turkish bread it was on had been like soaked in garlic oil or something. Amazing. Mmm I'm drooling just thinking about it now.

I also (thanks to trusty youtube) learnt how to do 'GHD waves' in my hair, which I'm loving. It looks so lovely and beachy, perfect for summer.

Also! I forgot to post about my new phone I've had for a little while now, the nokia E71, which is so much better than my LG Viewty. I dont think I will ever stray from Nokia again. I've learnt my lesson! Haha. Nokias just function so well compared to other phones. Plus the Viewty is a horrible excuse for a touchscreen!

It's such a lovely day here I think I shall go and sit on the beach.


Fasionable Females

Like many, The Rachel Zoe Project is my guilty pleasure. It's honestly my favourite show on TV at the moment. And while Taylor is a complete brat you can't deny the fact that she is absolutely, effortlessly

So it probably isnt effortless and no doubt she puts lots of thought into what she throws on each day, but she rocks it like she couldnt give a f#*k.

I also came across Pixie Lott recently while watching channel V one day. I'm definitely not a fan of her music but I <3 her dress sense:




So I made my first ASOS purchase.

These amazing shoes...

I am so very in love with them. And the fact that, all up, I only paid $45 AUD for them or something ridiculous like that. Plus they came in under a week!!! I am now going to become an ASOS addict. (theyre not white, by the way, theyre a beige/neutral colour. Not a fan of white heels!)

I also bought these little numbers from Target. Love love love the leopard print.

Not loving how green my skin looks in this pic! Baha. Not to worry. This top is so adorable. Its boned and fitted in the bodice and then flairs out into a little frill around the bottom. I also bought an amazing maxi dress that I'm wearing tonight for dinner with the new boy so hopefully I'll remember to take a pic or 2.

Yay :)


Life On Stand-by

Things have been extremely hectic lately! I've been working part time instead of casually so I feel as though I have had barely any time to myself! Any free time I have has been spent with a certain new boy I am seeing... hehe. Exciting :) So thats why I have been extremely crap at updating lately! Anyhow.

(kind of) Recent Purchase:

draped cardigan-type-thing from Sportsgirl

Its fabulous, its not a jacket and not a cardigan, but still suitable for wearing on casual and dressy occasions. Its made from a sort of stretchy, lyrca material and hangs so beautifully.
Bargain for $19.95, down from $89.95 too!

On another note, I have triple choc muffins in the oven. Yay.