New Ink

Got my new tattoo today! Very exciting.

It's lyrics from a song called 'Waste a Moment' by my favourite band, Fightstar. It says "I wont waste a moment with fear." It's definitely something I can live by given that I am prone to worrying, being anxious and scared of trying things. I cant stress enough how amazing Fightstar is, their music is absolutely epic. I'm so in love with the tat. I'm just hoping that it doesnt turn into a blobby mess in years to come.

Yay!!! Unfortunately my parents arent to stoked with it, which sucks. Especially when they liked my other tattoo :( Ah well, I love it and I guess thats all that matters!


What I Wore

Headed out to the pub on Friday... like I have every Friday for the last 5 weeks or so. Haha. There is only one pub on the coast that gets away with being called 'The pub' without having to use its location when you say it. Because everyone just knows which one you mean.

It's the best place to go on a Friday night. Chilled vibe, dance floor and its free entry :) Which sits well with me at the moment because my place of employment isnt making budget and I'm getting about 8 hours a week. LAME.


Sportsgirl skirt and Cotton on top, usual wrist crap

Vintage earrings. Love them! And SG nail polish in watermelon,
Diva ring.

I swear the best part of going out is picking out the outfit.
However it's getting hard because I want to wear my winter stuff but its not quite cold enough. Boo.
I'm super keen for the Easter long w/e because I'm heading down the south coast to see the band mentioned in the previous post. We're going to be their 'rent-a-crowd' haha. Hopefully I'll get to rock my OTK boots and other winter goodies because it'll be a bit cooler down that way. Yipee.

In other news, I bought a new nail polish today, from SG, of course. I cannot rave about their nail polish enough! Loving the new bottle design as well.

'Raspberry Beret'

Happy hump day all! xoxo