Sketching the Day Away...

I thought I would share a drawing I did... I dont usually show anyone my artwork I do, but I figured this one came out pretty ok so I may as well put it up here!

It's supposed to be Leighton Meester. I couldn't quite get the lips right but I still think its kind of ok.

Recent Purchases...

'Freez' maxi dress from Freez.com.au, fits like a dream and was only $40! Amazing...

Also, this Minkpink top with lovely studded detail...

And, I bought the Siren 'Gestic' heels I posted about earlier. Yay!


  1. hi kirryn.

    thanks so much for the comment.
    that really means alot!

    im going to follow your blog, if thats okay.

    x caitlin.

  2. the drawing is nice! you should post up more of them :)

    and i see you've bought the Siren heels! yay!

  3. ahhh is that Charlie Simpson from Busted on your side panel of the blog?! if it is, i absolutely adore him too! hehe

  4. yes it is Charlie! hehe but he is now the frontman of an amazing rock/metal band called Fightstar. I cannot stress enough how fantastic they are :D

  5. i checked out Fightstar and it's so nice to hear Charlie's voice again. they're very different from Busted's music but i guess this is what Charlie has always wanted to do aye.

  6. yes its very different from busted! haha, he basically used them as a foot in the door music wise. needless to say diehard busted fans were extremely pissed off when he made fightstar and threw things at them at their first concerts :( poor charlie! haha. his voice is the most amazing male voice i have ever heard.

    hehe, i could go on for days about how amazing he is *blush*


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