Must Stop Spending!

I just bought these off eBay...
Finally, ankle boots shall be mine!

Given that I also had my second package form ASOS arrive yesterday I really MUST stop spending. I have 2 dresses, 1 pair of shoes and 1 top I havent even worn yet. Eeeeeeeek. It's just so much fun though!

Also, the Siren heels I bought are horribly narrow in the toe and killed my feet :( They look amazing... but I will probably be selling them. Devastating.


  1. that pair is mighty hot babe! you finally got your ankle boots :) i'm still hunting for one...

    aw sucks to hear that the Siren heels hurt so much. hope you'll find a buyer for it soon.

  2. those shoes are fabulous!
    ive been searching for a similar pair on ebay but no luck for me.
    and like you..im going crazy buying topshop dresses online.
    wouldnt it be good if they had any actual good shops like that around here.

  3. Thanks Szela :)

    Caitlin - Thanks! I found them on eBay US, I never find as good things on eBay Aus! haha. Did you know Topshop is now sold in Incu stores in Sydney? I havent been in to check it out myself but I have heard good things :)

  4. oooo I love them!!
    If it's not too much trouble could I ask the sellers username?? :)
    Thanks! xx


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