So I made my first ASOS purchase.

These amazing shoes...

I am so very in love with them. And the fact that, all up, I only paid $45 AUD for them or something ridiculous like that. Plus they came in under a week!!! I am now going to become an ASOS addict. (theyre not white, by the way, theyre a beige/neutral colour. Not a fan of white heels!)

I also bought these little numbers from Target. Love love love the leopard print.

Not loving how green my skin looks in this pic! Baha. Not to worry. This top is so adorable. Its boned and fitted in the bodice and then flairs out into a little frill around the bottom. I also bought an amazing maxi dress that I'm wearing tonight for dinner with the new boy so hopefully I'll remember to take a pic or 2.

Yay :)


  1. they're lovely. huge bargain. who is that beautiful boy on the right on top of noel fielding?

  2. Thanks :)

    Thats the beautiful Charlie Simpson from Fightstar, my fave band. He's definite swoon material haha. I never crush on celebs but theres something about him...

  3. very nice buys! the good exchange rates and discount codes are like monsters attacking our bank accounts i swear!

    looking forward to the photo of the maxi dress ;)


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