Life On Stand-by

Things have been extremely hectic lately! I've been working part time instead of casually so I feel as though I have had barely any time to myself! Any free time I have has been spent with a certain new boy I am seeing... hehe. Exciting :) So thats why I have been extremely crap at updating lately! Anyhow.

(kind of) Recent Purchase:

draped cardigan-type-thing from Sportsgirl

Its fabulous, its not a jacket and not a cardigan, but still suitable for wearing on casual and dressy occasions. Its made from a sort of stretchy, lyrca material and hangs so beautifully.
Bargain for $19.95, down from $89.95 too!

On another note, I have triple choc muffins in the oven. Yay.


  1. i almost bought that exact same cardigan! but all those stocked at the store that i went to have flaws :( it's a lovely cardigan and i'm sure you'll be enjoying it :)

    ps. i'm excited for you re. the dating life. hehe ;)

  2. Hehe thanks :)

    Thats odd that they all had flaws!
    How unfortunate :(


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