Outfit Post + Cupcakes

This is what I wore yesterday for a bit of errand running and shopping. So stoked my summer playsuit looks good with a blazer - I can wear it throughout winter! I'm thinking I might try this look with my OTK boots next time.

Hot Options blazer
Sunny Girl playsuit
Supre belt
Target flats

After purchasing Julie Goodwin's cookbook last week I decided to make her 'Lemon Diva' cupcakes that won her a challenge on Masterchef last year. All I can say is: NOM. So tasty with heaps of lemon flavour that smacks you in the taste buds. Can you tell I have time on my hands to 'style' photos with lemon wedges? Somebody get me a jobbbbb!

These are my mother's day cupcakes. Mum requested I make them at the last minute so I whipped up my fail safe vanilla cupcakes with literally a CENTIMETRE of butter cream on top. SO GOOD (if I do say so myself). Unfortunately they all got eaten by my family. I'm kind of craving one right now *drool*

Hope everyone had a good weekend/Mothers day!


  1. The cupcakes look so good! I want to make cupcakes and put edible glitter on them - that's my next big cooking project. Love the outfit, I wish I didn't look like mutton dressed as lamb in playsuits. ♥

  2. Oh yum I really need to get into the decorating side of things more! Edible glitter would look so sick. I want one of those proper icing sets. I should stop buying clothes and get one of them instead! Haha. I find it hard to believe you would look like mutton dressed as lamb in a playsuit! xx


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