A couple of purchases from last week...

Ring on the left is from Sportsgirl. I stupidly managed to snap it as soon as I got it home so I had to glue it back together. It looks a little dodgy but unless you look closely its not too obvious haha. Ring on the right is from a little boutique store. It is the most gorgeous shade of deep purple. Love.

Stockings from SG. Cannot wait to wear them! Theyre beyond adorable. Plus they were $5 off, stoked!

I have been crazy busy lately... well, not so much busy but spending time with the new boy. Ha. We have made it official :) So I'm one happy cookie at the moment. Yayyyyyy!

And I'm currently craving Hello Panda cookies after reading Carly's latest asian snack challenge post!!! Nom

Happy hump day! x


  1. The stockings are so cute. If I wore them I would look like mutton dressed as lamb because I am OLD (28)... gah. ♥

  2. 28 isnt oldddd! haha. and im sure you dont look 28! but I will make the most of wearing ridiculous stockings so i can get it out of my system before i get 'old'. ha.

  3. hey!!!!!!!

    coooooooooool post!!!!

    lovely tights!!!!!!

    ur blog is amazing!!!!!

    pls come visit and join if u fancy:))



  4. those stockings are fabulous!


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