More Stuffs

Its Christmas eve! How exciting! ^_^

I cant wait.

I have a couple of new accessories to share, a necklace and some bangles. I also bought my Christmas dress but haven't been able to take a picture yet because my whole family has been home and I don't want to take the picture while they're around. Hopefully I will be able to soon! It's from Forever New, and I only grabbed it to try on because I thought 'Oh yeah, that'll look pretty, I'll just try it for fun." As it was $100 and, shoot me, but that's the most I've ever spent on a dress. Yes, even my Formal dress was only $80. So I bought the dress because it's amazing on and I can wear it for Christmas and my birthday (which is coming up very soon! Yay for saying goodbye to the evil teenage years!).

Formal dress. (Had to cut the ex out of the picture haha) It's made from a metallic, gold material. I regret my hair so very much. And the dress looks better on a person with a smaller chest. (Believe me, I put it on a mannequin at TAFE in one of my displays and my reaction was 'Damn.')

Handcuff necklace from inspiredinsanity.com.au. I became obsessed with this once I saw someone wearing one. I think it was Jenny on Gossip Girl. I wish I could find one that was chunkier but this will do for now :)

And my Sportsgirl bangles I've been wanting to buy for a while now. Seriously, every time I walk into that shop, without fail I buy something. Terrible!



  1. I think you look gorgeous in the formal dress.
    Love the bangles muchly!

  2. Oh thank you :) Merry Christmas! x

  3. aww you look lovely in your formal dress! a very classy look for 80bucks. hehe. love your new purchases too. have your great Christmas! (:

  4. haha yes it was a good find! thank you, Merry Christmas! x


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