Outfit + My Xmas Tree

Inspired by the Vogue thread on Christmas Tree decorating I thought I'd post mine on here. Since studying VM my family has left it to me to put up our tree and decorate it how I see fit. I get extremely anal about it though and spend ages sitting on the lounge staring at it, getting up and moving things around and then staring at it some more.

I am obsessed with all things sparkly + purple so of course the tree incorporates both of those... My favourite baubles are the bright pink glittery ones. Haha.

Close up of the decs

I thought I'd post about my fantastic maxi dress from Target I got a while back. I've gotten so many compliments on it, and people are always so surprised when I say its from good old Targ├ęt.

It's such a pretty print. I'm so glad I've gotten away from all the monochrome outfits I wore through winter! It feels good to be wearing colours again.


  1. cute dress. so excited for christmas. i'll post pics of my tree when i finally get around to blogging hahah merry christmas!

  2. thanks! Ooh I look forward to it! its always interesting to see how other people do their trees! merry xmas :)

  3. gorgeous dress! and you've done a very good job with the tree. it looks fantastic :)

  4. your hair has gotten so long!

    and that dress is lovely. im surprised to read it was from target.

  5. Lovely dress and tree!

    I have thought about getting a maxi for this summer but haven't really seen any that reallyyy catch my attention.

    I might venture into Target!


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