Recent Purchases...

I went shopping today to do the last of my Christmas shopping and also to find a pretty dress to wear on Christmas day. My mission was a complete FAIL. However I did manage to come home with a few things for myself hehe.

'Horoscope' bracelet from Sportsgirl

Tie-dye singlet dress from Sportsgirl on sale. So comfy, awesome colour and great to wear to the beach/festivals.

I also bought another SG nail polish in 'watermelon', and I'm thinking I'll be going back to buy 'glamour puss' at some stage.

close up of the pattern...

And a bunch of DVDs. Very keen to watch them. (I may or may not be secretly hoping the weather is yucky tomorrow so I can stay inside and watch movies all day)

Happy Tuesday all!


  1. Love your tan! The dress really shows it off!

    I haven't watched 7 pounds yet. I think my bf has banned me from watching it because it's so depressing. And I tend to get depressed for days after a sad movie.

  2. I know I've heard it's horribly depressing so I'm a little scared to watch it but will smith is god in my eyes and I'll watch anything he's in haha.

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  4. That dress looks perfect for summer, and you have a gorgeous figure!


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