Skull Ring

My new Candy Skull ring from Diva. Its exactly what I've been searching for. It'll be making it's first outing tonight to my work xmas party. Very keen to get a little lose and have some fun with my favourite people!

My nail polish collection. It's my pride and joy. I stare at it all the time. Barely a day goes by where I dont have polish on my nails, I really do see it as an accessory. I never match my fingers to my toes, because usually I want to wear more than one colour at once. And truly, Sportsgirl nail polish is the BEST EVER. I have had 'Rock Royalty' (the purple one in the middle at the front) on my toes for 2 weeks and have only had to fix a few small chips twice. Awesome, I tell you!

Hope you're all having fab weekends! x


  1. You have so many nail polishes!!!!

    I only have like...8?

    It's slowly starting to build up though!

  2. I cant stop buying them hehe. Its like an addiction!

  3. Sportsgirl nail polish is the best. I have night blue on right now.


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